The Nutty Liqueur You Should Be Adding To Sweet Potatoes

Naturally full of flavor, sweet potatoes don't need a lot of help to become a delicious component of any meal. Whether baked, turned into fries, or mashed, sweet potatoes not only offer lots of taste but also pair well with a variety of flavors, such as warm herbs and spices. Rosemary is a great addition to sweet potato fries, for example. A classic flavor combination for sweet potatoes is butter and brown sugar, but Crisp Cooking also suggests using cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, or cumin. 

Nuts are also a frequent addition to sweet potatoes, which complement sweet potatoes' richness, advises Crisp Cooking. For example, sweet potato pie is often finished with pecans while a nutty topping can be added to sweet potato casserole. To achieve a nutty flavor without the cost or work of adding chopped nuts to a sweet potato dish, consider incorporating some nutty-tasting liqueur.

Pour in the flavor

Tasting of toasted pecans, Rivulet can easily be added to sweet potato casserole to instill a nutty flavor. According to Rivulet's website, the slow-distilled brandy is a luxury liqueur that has been aged in oak casks to provide a smooth taste. The reason adding Rivulet to sweet potato casserole works so well, according to Eating Well, is that it adds the taste of roasted pecans without having to deal with the actual nuts. 

And a little bit goes a long way. Rivulet provides a recipe on its website for Sweet Potato Cookie Pie that adds just 1 tablespoon of Rivulet to incorporate a nutty flavor into the pie. The company also suggests adding a quarter cup of the liqueur to candied yams alongside the standard vanilla, brown sugar, butter, and chopped pecans. 

The possibilities are pretty endless; so give your next sweet potato dish a special touch by adding Rivulet for an even more dynamic flavor.