What's Your Favorite Way To Prepare Fish? - Exclusive Survey

Whatever the catch of the day may be — cod, swordfish, tilapia, roughy, or otherwise — deciding how to cook filets is always a head-scratcher. Polling the good readers of Tasting Table, we're shedding light on which method of preparation is preferred when it comes to cooking the seafaring protein. Plus, we're also unpacking some tips and tricks that'll make cooking fish even more delicious!

Incorporating seafood into your diet is ideal, that is, unless you have an allergy. Loaded with nutrients like selenium and vitamin D, Harvard School of Public Health states that fish is also abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, which can support brain health and help reduce the risk of chronic illness and diseases. That said, because some of these aquatic proteins are also known for containing high levels of mercury, consuming fish a few times a week is considered sufficient to reap maximum benefits.

Whether you decide to fry, sear, poach, cure, bake, or grill is totally your prerogative. However, factors such as texture, flavor, level of fattiness, and thickness of the filet can determine which mode of preparation will result in the best tasting fish. For instance, Webstaurant Store explains that since lean and delicate filets can dry out easier and are harder to handle, steaming or poaching is wise, whereas fatty or thick filets are best roasted or grilled. That said, which method is the go-to option for our readers?

The consensus is, baked fish is best

Though many might argue that nothing beats a plate of golden-fried fish and chips, that's not the case — at least, not when it comes to cooking fish at home. In fact, according to a recent survey of 601 Tasting Table readers, we found that 26.29% of readers prefer baking fish, closely followed by grilling filets at 25.79%. Other common cooking methods like deep frying and broiling received 21.63% and 14.98% of the votes, respectively. In last place was sautéing with 11.31% of the vote.

Since our survey showed that baked is preferred by our readers, we decided to delve a bit further into why this might be the case. Beyond the fact that it's a fairly hands-free method, baking is also a healthier alternative. In fact, Healthline reports that baking fish in the oven helps fish retain more omega-3 fatty acids and nearly 50% more vitamin D when compared to frying. Although the healthiest methods include steaming and sous vide, baking is a great way to retain nutrients while still infusing a great deal of flavor into the fish.

Looking to make baked filets even tastier? Citrus, aromatics, herbs, and spices are a great way to add dimension to baked cod, meanwhile a marinade can also amplify flavor in a recipe like glazed mahi mahi