How To Store Leftover Aquafaba In The Fridge Or Freezer

Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are a staple ingredient in many kitchens, whether canned or dry, are used in a variety of soups and salads, and are an excellent source of protein. What you may be unfamiliar with, though, is the hidden talent of canned chickpeas. Aquafaba is the brine or water that canned chickpeas sit in, and it's an almost perfect replacement for egg whites (via WebMD).

If you don't eat eggs, but find yourself craving delicious meringue cookies, chocolate mousse, or any other sweet treat that calls for egg whites, you don't need to look any further than a humble can of chickpeas. While the brine may be unexpected at first due to its strong chickpea scent, when whipped either by hand or electric mixer, all of that smell and any taste dissipates.

Next time you crack open a can of chickpeas, you can drain the beans into a plastic container and store the aquafaba for later — just make sure you don't store it for too long.

Two ways to store aquafaba

Aquafaba most commonly comes from chickpea water, but it isn't exclusive to garbanzo beans. As WebMD notes, it can also be made from soybeans and soybean water or any other legume without a strong flavor profile — so black beans may not be your best bet. Next time you boil some dry beans or open a can of your favorite legume, save the liquid — it doesn't have to be used immediately.

As for storing, aquafaba can be both refrigerated and frozen. If you cook a lot of chickpeas or other beans, you could have an impressive reserve of aquafaba ready to go at any moment in your freezer. To freeze aquafaba, Heartful Table recommends getting an ice cube tray and freezing the liquid that way, which will keep for as long as four months.

As for refrigerating, add it to a lockable, airtight food storage container (heat safe, too, if you're cooking your aquafaba from scratch), and use it within four days. To use it, unfreeze it or get it out of the fridge, and simply whip it until it forms a foamy, meringue-like consistency. Once your aquafaba is whipped, though, use it immediately, or it'll revert back to its liquid form.