The Veggie Mistake That's Causing Mushy Egg Rolls

A Chinese takeout order isn't quite complete without egg rolls. Often stuffed with pork and vegetables and paired with a sweet and sour dipping sauce, egg rolls are irresistible thanks to their abundance of flavor and texture. However, according to The Woks of Life, you can't find the dish in China because it was invented in the United States. That's right, this classic crispy appetizer is American-made, but it's a derivative of spring rolls, which originated in China. 

When assembling egg rolls, folding the wrapper is a technique in itself (via YouTube). However, that's not the only crucial step to achieving the perfection of these small bites, specifically their crispy exterior that claims its infamous "fried pasta" texture, notes Southern Living. The vegetables often used in egg rolls have high water content, possibly resulting in a mushy outer layer. Here's how to work around this.

Skipping out on draining your veggies results in soggy egg rolls

The vegetables often involved in the filling of egg rolls are cabbage, carrots, and mushrooms. With cabbage's makeup being about 92% water and the others falling closely behind, it's important to release that excess moisture before rolling it in the wrappers (via Healthline). 

According to The Spruce Eats, it's best to shred and wash the cabbage and carrots in advance to give the veggies enough time to drain thoroughly. Simply sit the veggies in fine-mesh strainers over a bowl or the sink for at least one hour, allowing extra water to seep out before sauté time. 

When you're finished cooking your filling mixture, drain the rest of the liquid that releases during this process. And it doesn't stop there — as you begin assembling your egg rolls, tilt the bowl with your filling in a way that the moisture collects at the bottom, allowing you to spoon up the already-drained good stuff. 

Whether you're vegetarian or are trying out a meatless Monday, this simple, quick tip will have you on your way to eating delectable, crispy vegetarian egg rolls without the sogginess.