Why You Should Try Adding Olive Pits To Your Bottle Of Oil

Some foods and drinks are so expansive that they can lend themselves to a lifetime of learning — such as wine or, in this case, olive oil. Whether you are learning the difference between refined and unrefined olive oil or how to choose a good bottle within a wide-ranging selection, olive oil is a surprisingly complex subject. 

Despite having a specific brand of olive oil that you might reach for, there are certain qualities that any good olive oil should have. That namely includes a fruity flavor with bitter notes and maybe even leaving a peppery sensation at the back of the throat (via QueRubi). 

But where you may find the most benefits come from the olive pits themselves. They are very high in healthy fiber, antioxidants, and polyphenols — even more so that the oil itself. According to Olive Knowledge, olive pits can be sorted and cracked open to retrieve the seed from inside. Once the olive seed has been freed from the pit, it can be eaten like other seeds and nuts. 

But while you can enjoy them raw, toasted, or add them to dishes for extra crunch — you may be surprised to find that these are not the only way you can reuse them. 

Olive pits can make the oil taste fruitier

Other than garlic, chili pepper, or herbs like rosemary and thyme (via Aimee Mars), olive pits may be the next best thing to infuse your olive oil. Food waste experts suggest that these will enhance its natural taste and create a more full, fruity flavor, according to Bon Appétit

If you try this trick, be aware that you probably shouldn't count on this technique to revive a bad bottle of olive oil. Also, you may want to wait until there is a smaller amount in the bottle or when you know you'll use it within a few days. This is because adding olive pits may cause additional moisture to build up and create bacteria, per Prevention

In just one easy pitting step with a proper knife, olive pits can be the solution you can feel good about by keeping your olive oil alive and retaining its original flavor while reducing waste.