Which Brand Of Olive Oil Do You Prefer? - Exclusive Survey

Any home cook knows that olive oil is a necessity in the kitchen. The oil suits any and all general cooking needs — hello frying, roasting, and grilling – and offers a flavorful addition to bread, pasta, and vegetables.

Yet no two olive oils are exactly the same. The most significant difference between the fragrant oils is in their classification. Different types of olive oil break down into four categories: light tasting, regular, virgin, and extra virgin. Eataly defines extra virgin as the highest grade of all. To qualify as EVOO, olive oil must be produced without any refining processes and developed from the first press — sans chemicals.

In case choosing between those four doesn't present enough variety, olive oil also has various flavor profiles. Artisan olive oil seller Saratoga Olive Oil, for example, sells olive oils characterized by herbs like rosemary, as well as those with more unique additions like lemon, mushroom and sage, and blood orange. Such characteristics can make shopping for olive oil feel overwhelming, leaving buyers to confront the paradox of choice.

And the options don't end there. Olive oils also fall under the categories of different brands, each of which puts its own spin on the common household essential. To help you make an informed decision, Tasting Table recently surveyed 615 people about their go-to brand of olive oil. 

Bertolli slid ahead in the rankings

Bertolli is an excellent olive oil for cooking – and those who responded to Tasting Table's survey clearly agree. The olive oil brand received 239 votes, accumulating 38.86% of the favor. Following behind, Trader Joe's amassed 110 votes, or 17.89% of the vote. Kirkland wasn't far off at 101 votes and 16.42% of the favor.

Pompeian, California Olive Ranch, and Filippo Berio leveled off the bottom with a nearly even playing field. The former amassed 9.92% of the vote, or the favor of 61 people. Trailing slightly behind Pompeian, California Olive Ranch still pulled ahead of Filippo Berio — but only by four votes. It received 54 votes, or 8.78% of the preference. Meanwhile, Filippo Berio earned the smallest tally at 50 votes: 8.13% of the favor.

According to NBC News, most of these olive oils are sufficient for any and all cooking purposes, though to fully curate your ideal olive oil experience, take note of the bottle's production, origin, and price. NBC singles out California Olive Ranch as a particularly budget-friendly choice that comes in three sizes. Deciding how much you're willing to spend is one easy metric to help narrow down your options.

If you're still struggling to decide between brands, however, check out Tasting Table's olive oil taste test. You're bound to find a bottle that meets your needs, whether you're cooking on the stove or adding a simple drizzle to a fresh loaf of bread.