Burger King To Debut A New Chicken Sandwich Next Month

Even those of us who love to cook, sometimes succumb to the siren song of fast food. After a long workweek meeting a deadline, a late night spent imbibing a bit too much, or simply when the fridge is looking pretty bare — fast food fries, wraps, or burgers can be just the ticket. If your fast food order of choice tends to be the latter, there's little doubt you've set foot inside a Burger King

The third-largest burger chain in America — preceded by McDonald's and Wendy's — according to QSR, Burger King is a favored destination for loaded burgers such as its signature Whopper, quarter-pounders, and bacon cheeseburgers. Its name notwithstanding, the King offers a range of other types of sandwiches, among which its chicken offerings are a consistent customer favorite (via Guilty Eats). And if you love chowing down on chicken at BK, then get ready. News is circulating that the chain will drop a new chicken sandwich early next month.

This sandwich is a picante take on a Burger King classic

Although many fast food fans choose Burger King for its burgers, the chain has long offered choices for poultry lovers, as well. Originally introduced in 1979, according to Salvaggio's Deli, its Original Chicken Sandwich consists of a breaded, fried chicken cutlet stuffed into a sesame seed bun and topped with mayo and lettuce (via Burger King). Other chicken options include Nuggets, "Fries" (which are longer than Nuggets and shaped like French fries), and an Italian chicken sandwich with marinara and mozzarella.

Over the decades, BK has launched various styles of chicken sandwiches, from the hand-breaded Ch'King to a line of Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches (via ChewBoom). But the Original is the one that has stuck around the longest, and early next year, according to The Fast Food Post, a new, picante (that's Spanish for spicy) version will debut — the Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich. Featuring the same breaded, fried chicken as the Original, the new sando will also include ghost pepper cheese and crispy-fried jalapeños — essentially a chicken version of BK's Halloween release, the Ghost Pepper Whopper. The chain tells The Fast Food Post that the sandwich will hit stores in early January and that it will cost around $5.99.