A Gluten-Free Version Of Oreo's Mint Flavor Will Soon Be Available

As the number of people avoiding gluten due to medical conditions or other dietary preferences continues to grow — a study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2020 found that about 25% of Americans choose to eat a gluten-free diet with or without a medical necessity — so do the number of gluten-free food options on the market. For cookie fans, that list of options has just gotten a little bit longer.

According to Food Business News, Mondelez International, the parent company of Oreo maker Nabisco, announced that it will be adding a new flavor of Oreos to its gluten-free lineup in 2023. Nabisco first released regular Gluten Free Oreos in 2021, which Wheat by the Wayside, a blog dedicated to Celiac and gluten-free diets, notes nearly identically replicate the taste and texture of original Oreos by using a blend of white rice flour, tapioca starch, whole oat flour, and cornstarch in place of the original's gluten-containing unbleached enriched wheat flour (per Nabisco).

Minty fresh flavor

The new flavor of gluten-free Oreos will be Mint Oreos, according to Food Business News, which was also confirmed by an announcement on Instagram. It is not a completely surprising choice for the brand's first foray into gluten-free flavors outside the classic Oreos and their Double-stuffed counterparts. 

Pattern reported earlier this year that, aside from a limited edition celebrity collaboration flavor with Lady Gaga, Mint Oreos were the third most popular flavor of the classic cookie in 2021, following the originals and the zero-chocolate variety Golden Oreos. Additionally, Pattern notes that sales of Mint Oreos tend to spike around St. Patrick's Day due to their green filling, which is well-timed to coincide with the early 2023 release date issued by Mondelez.

Original Gluten Free Oreos have been met with positive reviews so far, with Wheat by the Wayside, PopSugar, and Delish all saying the gluten-free versions taste just as good as the classic sandwich cookies, with the only noteworthy difference being a slightly crispier, crumblier texture. That being said, it's no surprise that the flavor announcement has been met with enthusiasm. The Instagram post has accumulated over 17,000 likes in the first two days, with many commenters celebrating the addition of a new flavor and requesting that more of their personal favorites are added next.