Le Bernardin's 'Secret Menu' Egg Dessert Has A Devoted Fanbase

Secret menus often have an allure to them. There's something about ordering off the menu that makes you feel more empowered, like being part of an exclusive club that most people don't know about. The secret menu items at In-N-Out are well-known among the general public, as are the ones at Starbucks and Shake Shack, but there are many special dishes that are kept a little more hidden at other restaurants.

The miso black cod in butter lettuce cups at Nobu Los Angeles is one of them (via Forbes). While miso black cod is a signature specialty at the Japanese spot, this off-menu dish pairs pieces of the fish with ginger, shredded filo dough, garlic chips, and fresh butter lettuce.

Another undisclosed culinary treasure belongs to Michael Laiskonis, an industry veteran who has won critical acclaim and multiple awards for his extraordinary pastry skills, per the Institute of Culinary Education. He also has eight years as executive pastry chef at Le Bernardin under his belt. The New York City-based restaurant, helmed by chef Eric Ripert, is renowned for its impeccable seafood choices, vegetarian tasting menu, and of course, an array of elegant sweet treats — one of which includes an unlisted egg dessert that's the brainchild of Laiskonis. The secret menu item has such a devoted fanbase that it continues to be offered — by request only, of course — even though its creator has since moved on from Le Bernardin, per Guest of a Guest.

Le Bernardin's secret menu dessert has pot de crème

Maybe the eggshell, which serves as the vessel to hold the dessert, is the star of the show. Or perhaps it's the layered composition inside, which consists of milk chocolate pot de crème and caramel foam, finished with maple syrup and a pinch of salt, as seen on Ripert's Twitter page. Either way, the secret's out on this simple yet luxurious creation — aptly named The Egg — offered at Le Bernardin.

What exactly is pot de crème?  It's a custard of French origins, per MasterClass. The ingredient list for this sweet dish often includes egg yolks, sugar, heavy cream, chocolate, and milk — though the simplicity of these kitchen staples might be overshadowed by the lengthy and technical cooking steps. In terms of its taste, think of it like a chocolate pudding, but arguably much more refined and flavorful, The Recipe Critic claims.

Though The Egg contains such indulgent components as pot de crème, Guest of a Guest explains it's a petite dessert that can be finished in just three spoonfuls (don't eat the eggshell though). Savoring the moment seems crucial to enjoying this secret specialty.

If you happen to have the chance to dine at Le Bernardin, do us all a favor and order this adorable and elegant off-menu egg dessert.