Why It Pays To Prep Chicken With A Slathering Of Mustard

Chicken is the most consumed meat in the world. According to Statista, poultry, which is both chicken and turkey, surpassed all other meats in levels of consumption globally in 2021, specifically with 132 million tons eaten. With that being said, there are many different ways people prepare it around the world, whether it be through technique, flavor combinations, and even ingredient pairings. 

Whether you're breading it for frying, marinating it for grilling, or seasoning it for roasting, chicken can be bland on its own and needs a bit of help in the flavor department in order to make it good. If you lather your bird in butter or olive oil before sticking the seasonings on, those two options make for a great binder. However, there is one condiment that seems to not only act as the perfect glue for spices but also adds some tang and color to your chicken — that condiment is mustard.

It acts as a glue for spices

According to BBQ Host, the term binder simply refers to a glue-like condiment that helps other things stick together. In this case, mustard is the perfect binder for spices to adhere to chicken or any meat for that matter. The tanginess tends to dilute during the cooking process, allowing the condiment to do its job without overpowering. Another big advantage, per Food & Wine, is that mustard is a bit more pungent than other binders such as butter or olive oil, meaning it can brighten up pretty much any dish it joins. 

Using mustard as a binder will add that oomph of flavor that is quite unique. If you want to try it for yourself, our Mustard Fried Chicken Recipe shows you step by step how to lather the chicken, season it, and fry it to perfection. Another option Easy Chicken Recipes recommends for an even browner crust is using honey mustard, which is slightly sweeter and caramelizes to produce the perfect texture.