Snow Cream Could Make You Look Forward To Inclement Weather

With snow starting to pop up in the forecast, you may be starting to dream of tropical getaways or simply cozying up inside. However, there may be a few reasons to step outside your home and embrace the snowfall this winter. And, yes, it involves food.

There are many special seasonal treats that pop up around the world as the snow begins to fall. Maple taffy, or tire sur la neige in French, is a delicious treat made by pouring boiled maple syrup onto molded, packed snow and wrapping it around a stick, according to The Modern Farmer. This sticky sweet treat originated in Eastern Canada where it was originally an Indigenous tradition. French settlers in the area, specifically in Quebec, adopted this tradition, and it has since spread across Canada and the Northeastern U.S.

It may be expected that northern regions have incorporated snow into their diet in fun ways, but, oddly enough, Americans in the south have their own snow-inclusive recipe. While Southern states seldom see heavy snowfall, snow cream is a treat whipped up to celebrate the rare occasion.

Nature's ice cream

Snow cream is a very simple recipe that can be whipped up after any snowfall. According to Atlas Obscura, most modern recipes call for snow, milk (or condensed milk), and vanilla extract. Some others can include beaten eggs or sugar, as well. The site notes that sometimes food coloring or additional flavorings, like cocoa, honey, lemon, and coconut, can be added for kids looking for an extra exciting treat. And, for parents, spiked options can be just as enjoyable, as per the site.

While this dish may sound extremely unique, it turns out that mixing snow with sweeteners has been around for centuries. As per Business Insider, sharbat was a popular Persian recipe that mixed fruit-infused syrup and honey with snow.

If you decide to make snow cream for yourself, make sure to collect freshly fallen, clean, and fluffy snow to mix with your favorite sweeteners. Follow our simple step-by-step snow cream recipe to help celebrate the next snowfall in your town.