Shroom N' Swiss Whopper Melt Debuts At Select Burger King Locations

Just when you thought that a Whopper couldn't get any better, Burger King raises the stakes once again. In true "have-it-your-way" fashion, the fast food burger chain has just debuted a new menu item as part of its lineup of Whopper Melts. In what appears to be a soft launch, The Fast Food Post reveals that the Shroom n' Swiss Whopper Melt has started gracing select BK locations across the country. If you're looking to get your hands on it, this is what you need to know.

Since 1954, Burger King has been synonymous with flame-grilled hamburgers and a homey charm. With millions of hungry guests visiting BK daily, it's no wonder that the chain is one of the more recognizable chains in the world. Naturally, the unwavering devotion to the Whopper has cemented Burger King's popularity among the masses. An expression of Americana, BK patties boast the same nuanced flavors of smoky backyard barbecues, while traditional toppings add depths of dimension, creating a truly tasty burger.

Despite the fact that nothing beats the classic Whopper, Burger King strives to keep its menu interesting. Offering all sorts of limited edition bites like the Halloween Ghost Pepper Whopper or, as Insider notes, the burrito-meets-burger Whopperito, the chain is all about reinvention. BK Germany even released Mother's Day-inspired Whoppers based on pregnancy cravings, notes Brig News. Adding another unique hamburger riff to the menu, the Shroom n' Swiss Whopper Melt once again gives customers a familiar yet intriguing taste of something new.

The lowdown on BK's Shroom n' Swiss Whopper Melt

With availability based on location, Burger King shares that the Shroom n' Swiss Whopper Melt features two classic flame-grilled Whopper patties — totaling 1/4 pound of beef — along with layers of melty Swiss cheese, topped with fire-roasted mushrooms, and a drizzle of Royal Sauce. Since the newest Whopper addition is technically a patty melt, fans can expect the sandwich to be served on none other than two pieces of toasted bread.

Although there has been very little press on the Whopper Melt's new release, eagle-eyed fans were quick to note its recent debut on menu boards across the country. What could be deemed as a way to test the sandwich's market appeal, QSR Magazine previously reported that BK President Tom Curtis was taking strides to improve the chain's performance, encouraging a back-to-basics approach with a focus on innovating the brand's most iconic asset, the Whopper.

Earlier this year, Burger King first released its line of Whopper Melts, starring the Classic Whopper Melt, Spicy Whopper Melt, and Bacon Whopper Melt. Complete with two flame-grilled patties, in addition to melted American cheese, caramelized onions, and its own unique fixings, the Shroom n' Swiss instead offers an earthier and umami-loaded take on the Whopper Melt. It's time for us to start the search for the Shroom n' Swiss Whopper Melt.