How Much Caviar Should You Buy For Your Party?

Every host likes treating their guests to exciting goodies at a party — and caviar certainly fits the bill! But, speaking of the bill, we have just one question: How much caviar should we allocate per person? 

It's no secret that caviar is far from cheap. As noted by Arts & Collections, for many years, it was the mainstay of royal families and upper classes. In fact, Persian Caviar recounts the legend that at one point, Tsar Nicholas II and his inner circle were devouring a staggering 11 tons of sturgeon roe each year. It'll probably come as a huge surprise to many, then, that around the late 1800s and early 1900s, there was a major dip in the price of the delicacy (outside of Russia, anyway). In the U.S., the price was so cheap that some establishments were even giving caviar away for free. Not bad for a bar snack!

Unfortunately for the party host of today, that's changed, and caviar is once again an expensive commodity. Yahoo even reports that one of the most expensive varieties on the market in 2015, Strottarga Bianco — aka white gold caviar — retailed for a cool 200,000 euros per kilogram without a discount. Sure, there are much more affordable options out there, but we're a far cry from the days when caviar was passed out like peanuts. So, with that in mind, just how much should you plan to serve at your next party?

When it comes to caviar, servings are small

The great thing about serving caviar at a party is, you don't need to go overboard. In fact, while Tsar Nicholas II might have been serving it up on a platter, Kitchn suggests a much smaller amount as a ballpark figure. 

According to the outlet, the first thing to take into account when budgeting is how the caviar will be served. Are you popping it on a salmon blini or sprinkling it over sushi? In that case, half an ounce per person will do the trick. Servings will be a touch larger if you're planning on serving it on its own, but even then, an ounce is all you'll need. Having said that, there is always a chance that some guests may be tempted to over-indulge. For that reason, Imperia Caviar recommends going the appetizer route, so servings are already measured out. For those who still want to serve it solo, however, the caviar distributor suggests giving guests a little demonstration. You can even make an activity of it, adding to the evening's entertainment! 

Depending on how you plan on presenting it, multiply your serving size by the number of attendees, add some wiggle room for hefty spoonfuls, and you're all set. Whether you'll count caviar connoisseurs or raw recruits to roe among your guests, this is one epic addition to your menu. However you decide to serve your caviar (hint: don't do it in a metal bowl), bon appétit!