The Best Macaroni And Cheese In Every State

Although we think of macaroni and cheese as a children's staple, it was a favorite of Thomas Jefferson and even served at the 1802 Whitehouse state dinner. It is thought to have originated in 1769 somewhere in Europe and was brought to the United States by none other than our third president, per Smithsonian. It's evolved quite a bit since then, and as pasta fiends know, not all mac is created equal, so we've found the best macaroni and cheese in every state.

From good ol' Southern comfort food to loaded gastropub skillet creations, there are no rules regarding America's favorite cheesy pasta. Prepare to take your tastebuds on a cross-country road trip from Maine's lobster mac with mascarpone to California's Hawaiian mac with pineapple. Be sure to pack your appetite and a napkin to wipe that drool off your chin. Get ready for the creamiest, ooey-gooiest, and sometimes the most bizarre mac and cheese of all time. This isn't your typical store-bought mac and cheese nonsense; you're playing with the big boys now. Let's discover the absolute best mac and cheese in the U.S., state by state. 

Alabama: John's City Diner - Birmingham

'Bama's favorite Southern-style gastro pub is famous for its macaroni and cheese. At John's City Diner, Chef Shannon Goberuses only uses locally-grown produce and organic hormone-free meats.

The menu features three cheesy pasta dishes. The flagship recipe is "Not Your Mama's Macaroni & Cheese," made with imported cheeses and prosciutto. The other features include the "Three Little Pigs," which is loaded with prosciutto, pulled pork, and bacon, and the vegetarian "Tree Hugger," which is cooked with spinach, red peppers, mushrooms, and feta.

Alaska: Ginger - Anchorage

Nestled in historic downtown Anchorage, Ginger serves up Pacific Rim cuisine, along with local microbrews, select wines, and sake.

The appetizer and entrée versions of Ginger's mac and cheese are loaded with flavor. Start out with its "Mini Mac and Cheese" topped with sautéed bacon, roasted jalapeños, and cherry tomato. If you're feeling more ambitious, take a deep dive into its "Alaskan Baked Sea Scallops," made with fresh Alaskan diver scallops, basil pine nut-crusted noodles, and three kinds of cheese topped with tomato brunoise, and truffle oil.

Arizona: Rusconi's American Kitchen - Phoenix

Chef Rusconi flawlessly combines American favorites embellished with elements native to the region. The rotating menu reflects the seasons, and the atmosphere is welcoming and warm. The restaurant won the Travelers' Choice Award in 2022 by Trip Advisor and the number one slot of Best Contemporary Restaurant. If there is one thing that Rusconi's American Kitchen reviews have in common, it's customers' love of the "White Truffle Scented Mac-n-Cheese." Rusconi uses white truffle oil to top his dish and San Joaquin Gold cheddar cheese to round it out.

Arkansas: Maddie's Place - Little Rock

Between alligator bites and fried green tomatoes, this Cajun and Creole restaurant knows what they're talking about when it comes to good Southern cookin'. While they may not have a website or large Instagram following, this salt-of-the-earth establishment is loved by locals and travelers alike. Maddie's Place puts a spin on Southern classics that is intriguing, and its homestyle mac and cheese is just plain delicious. Between the authenticity in cuisine and the pub-style atmosphere, it's no wonder Maddie's has such rave reviews.

California: Homeroom - Oakland

Homeroom is 100% all about the mac. Although it's the only thing on the menu, there are plenty of options to choose from. From garlicky bacon mac to Hawaiian mac (yes, with pineapple), there's no combo you can't find. And if there is, just hit the add-ons bar! If there's something Homeroom has taught us, it's that there's nothing you can't add to your mac. It's no wonder Local Getaways California named Homeroom one of the best places to grab dinner in the East Bay in 2022.

Colorado: Steuben's - Denver

Steuben's was started by the nephew of three brothers who lived for the social restaurant scene. He was inspired by their entrepreneurship and ability to bring people together. Although Steuben's is located in Denver, its famous food truck makes its rounds in the surrounding areas.

Steuben's six-cheese mac and cheese is made with elbow noodles and béchamel sauce, making it some of the creamiest mac and cheese ever. The dish is topped with herbed breadcrumbs, but don't forget to add green chilies.

Connecticut: Max Burger - West Hartford

Although Max Burger is known for its hamburgers, this farm-to-table gastropub serves up some of the best macaroni and cheese around. Its "Plain Jane Mac & Cheese" is anything but plain and is the base for its loaded options. Topped with short ribs, roasted bell peppers, barbecue sauce, jalapeño fondu, and crispy onion straws, the "Beef Short Rib Mac & Cheese" is a customer favorite. If you love blue cheese, you've come to the right place. Max Burger features a "Buffalo Chicken" option made with Buffalo sauce, crispy chicken, and, you guessed it, blue cheese.

Delaware: Mad Macs - Newark

There are endless macaroni and cheese options at MadMacs. Although this pub and grill is known for its Australian-themed menu items, they feature dishes inspired by all corners of the world. Try its "French Onion Mac," made with sweet onion béchamel, button mushrooms, thyme, Gruyere, and fontina cheese, topped with crispy onion straws and garlic croutons. Also popular are the "Jambalaya Mac" and "Tuscan Alfredo Mac." The fun doesn't end there. Each month, MadMacs feature a rotating macaroni and cheese menu item.

Florida: Yardbird - Miami

Florida native Chef Jeff McInnis incorporated his love of fishing with his passion for the culinary arts by highlighting the coastal Southern cuisine he grew up with at Yardbird. He now owns a string of restaurants across the U.S. but continues to honor his Southern heritage with top-notch cuisine. This is why his famous "Lobster Mac and Cheese" has taken the spotlight in both presentation and flavor. Featuring an entire lobster and five artisanal kinds of cheese, this seafood spin on a Southern classic is hard to pass up.

Georgia: Johnny's Chicken & Waffles - College Park

As its name suggests, this Georgia restaurant is famous for its chicken and waffles. However, it would be a mistake to pass up on the "Royal Treatment Mac and Cheese" with the suggested toppings of shrimp, chicken tenders, or lobster. Johnny's Chicken & Waffles knows how to load on the flavor of Southern cookin' and even offers a mac and cheese handheld on a toasted brioche bun. This sandwich comes topped with crispy chicken, bacon, Sriracha aioli, and, of course, its famous ooey-gooey mac and cheese.

Hawaii: The Fish and the Hog - Waimea

If you're lucky enough to take a trip across the Pacific to America's favorite island of Hawaii, you must stop for lunch at The Fish and the Hog and grab a decedent bowl of mac n' cheese. Known as a barbecue joint, it's no surprise that this restaurant serves its mac topped with bacon, Parmesan, and barbecue sauce. Choose between the smoked brisket or pork to round out this crave-worthy dish.

Idaho: Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese - Coeur d'Alene

Although Idaho is known for potatoes, it seems they know a thing or two about cheese. Meltz Extreme Grilled Cheese has taken dairy to a whole new level. Its grilled cheese toppings are endless and have won many awards. In fact, you can even order a mac and cheese stuffed grilled cheese sandwich or enjoy mac and cheese soup. Although Meltz is primarily known for sandwiches, its mac 'n cheese side dish pairs perfectly with any melty handheld.

Illinois: Blue Door Kitchen - Chicago

This Midwestern oasis is all about the fresh farm-to-table experience. Celebrated Chef Art Smith's menu changes with the seasons and highlights ingredients from local farms. Although the Blue Door Kitchen serves its famous mac 'n cheese as a side dish, it's anything but secondary. Using spiraled trottole noodles to hold in the cheesy goodness, this unique dish is made with a Monterey Jack and pairs beautifully with a choice of suggested toppings, including bacon, chicken, andouille, shrimp, and jalapeños.

Indiana: Fire by the Monon - Indianapolis

Located along the Monon railroad trail, you can sit down for a hot meal and cold beer at Fire by the Monon. Its cozy and inviting atmosphere isn't the only reason people are bursting through the doors. Locals crave Fire by the Monon's "Dirty Mac & Cheese" because not only is made with cavatappi pasta cooked with aged sharp cheddar cheese but it's also topped with tender house-smoked pulled pork. This restaurant is more than a swing-by stop; it's a destination.

Iowa: The Cheese Bar - Des Moines

Because cheese mongers were flooding The Cheese Shop, the owners opened The Cheese Bar for customers looking for a dine-in experience laden with cheesy bites. Try its "World Famous Mac" loaded with Frisian Farms Gouda, Hook's four-year cheddar, Mornay sauce, and breadcrumbs over tender tubular pasta. Elevate your experience by ordering the "Bacon and Onion Mac" with onion jam, bacon, and fried onions. Dare to try the "Alpine Mac" with a Swiss cheese blend, roasted apples and onions, fried onions, and bread crumbs.

Kansas: Wine Dive + Kitchen - Wichita

Wichita's very own Wine Dive proves that macaroni and cheese is not just a menu item for children. This very grown-up spin on a classic features seafood delicacies like lobster, shrimp, and crab. The three-cheese blend of fontina, cheddar, and American cheese is whisked together in a white wine sauce (they are a wine bar, after all). Served over cavatappi pasta, this dish is a local legend in the Sunflower State.

Kentucky: Merle's Whisky Kitchen - Louisville

Just reading the Southern American menu of Merle's Whisky Kitchen has us drooling. This whiskey hall offers "Nutella Poppers" to the "award-winning" green chili pork, but the "Lip Smak'n Mac & Cheese" is a stand-out to any cheese lover. Baked with five kinds of cheese and topped with a crispy herb crust, this Southern side pairs well with any dish and is recommended as a shared item. However, after reading all the rave reviews on TripAdvisor, you will want to keep this cheesy dish all to yourself.

Louisiana: Cochon Butcher - New Orleans

Although this NOLA hot spot is famous for its meats, customers of Cochon Butcher agree that its macaroni and cheese small-plate dish takes the cake. This seemingly simple side is packed with ingredients like mushrooms, leeks, aged cheddar, white wine, and pancetta. Topped with Parmesan and herb-crusted breadcrumbs, Chef Drew Lockett attributes the dish's popularity to the crispy pork that complements the tender elbow noodles (via The composite of these subtle flavors creates a creamy, cheesy, and flavor-packed favorite that is recognized statewide.

Maine: Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. - Topsham

Fortunately, even if you're far from Maine, you don't have to miss out on its famous lobster mac and cheese because Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. ships to all 50 states. It won plenty of awards, including the "Product of the Year" award from the Speciality Food Association.

Even more notably, its famous lobster mac beat Bobby Flay's version in a throwdown (via Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co.). The secret is Chef Cal Hancock's mascarpone cheddar sauce, chunks of fresh Maine lobster, herbed butter, lemon zest, and Parmesan cheese topped with panko breadcrumbs.

Maryland: The Chasseur - Baltimore

Nobody does crab quite like Maryland. Nestled in downtown Baltimore is a restaurant that makes the best crab macaroni and cheese around. The Chasseur, named after the "Pride of Baltimore" ship, serves up some of America's favorite creamy macaroni and cheese with a twist. The tender noodles are mixed with fresh jumbo lump crab, Old Bay seasoning, and creamy cheddar cheese, then garnished with a drizzle of Sriracha. Stop by earlier in the day to experience The Chasseur's "Breakfast Mac & Cheese," topped with applewood smoked bacon, sausage, onion, maple drizzle, and a sunny-side-up egg.

Massachusetts: Boston Burger Company - Boston

The Boston Burger Company offers up four varieties of mac, including the classic four-cheese favorite, "Buffalo Chicken" with crumbled blue cheese, chili mac made with homemade Angus beef chili and crispy jalapeños, and the "BBQ Pulled Pork" that's topped with barbecue sauce and crispy onions.

Because it's called the Boston Burger Company, it's only natural that its most famous macaroni dish comes on a patty and between two buns. Oh, and don't forget the bacon! This unforgettable dish was featured on the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives for a reason ... it's just that good.

Michigan: Slows Bar BQ - Detroit

While barbecue is the featured item on the menu at Slows Bar BQ, it has a side dish worth writing home about. With a luxurious amount of cheddar and béchamel, this rich and creamy dish has customers coming back for more. Featuring a broiled crispy cheddar casing on top, this mac screams cheese, cheese, and more cheese! It's no wonder this side takes center stage. Luckily, they have a few locations in Michigan, including Corktown and Grand Rapids, to fuel up.

Minnesota: Smack Shack - Minneapolis

The Smack Shack is famous for its lobster dishes. From lobster guacamole to lobster poutine, it has it all. It's no wonder then that its mac and cheese is loaded to the brim with tender lobster meat. But this dish isn't like every other run-of-the-mill lobster mac because it has a special ingredient: sweet corn. In addition, it features smooth and creamy taleggio cheese, white wine, and toasted breadcrumbs.

Mississippi: Dempsey's Seafood and Steak - Kiln

Between frog legs and turtle platters, Dempsey's Seafood and Steak restaurant doesn't hold back when it comes to Southern cooking. Amongst the dozens of unique dishes, the one that stands out the most is the side of mac and cheese. This cheesy side is creamy to its core and covered with gooey melted cheese to boot. This classic won't let you down. 

Missouri: The Shaved Duck - St. Louis

Although it's not served as a main course, The Shaved Duck knows what it's doing when it comes to macaroni and cheese. As a St. Louis barbecue joint, its hickory and cherry-smoked cuts draw hungry diners from all around. If the scent of wood-smoked barbecue doesn't pull you in, then the TripAdvisor reviews of the mac and cheese will! Much like its briskets, the white cheddar cheese used to make The Shaved Duck's most popular side dish so irresistible is also smoked. American and mozzarella are melted in for added creaminess, and it's topped with crispy bread crumbs.

Montana: Diamond X Beer Company - Billings

With six unique flavors of macaroni and cheese, Diamond X Beer Company has really outdone itself. "The Classic" is a five-cheese sauce over fusilli noodles. Get creative and order the "Buffalo Chicken" with bacon, fried chicken, green onions, and tatanka sauce, or "The Campfire" with house barbecue sauce, onion straws, and pulled pork. The "Grilled Shrimp Alfredo" speaks for itself, and they even have a "Philly Mac" option with sliced ribeye, peppers, and onions. Take a trip down South and order the "Kris's Kreole Mac" with andouille sausage, shrimp, and bell peppers.

Nebraska: Modern Love - Omaha

The best place to get macaroni and cheese in Omaha is a vegan restaurant. Modern Love is best known for the "Mac & Shews," as stated in an interview with Omaha Magazine. Its cashew-based vegan cheese sauce is the key to the rich creaminess that accompanies the tender noodles. Choose among its classic offering that comes with garlicky kale and crispy tofu chick'n, "Buffalo Setian Mac & Shews," and "Buffalo Cauliflower Mac and Shews." 

Nevada: Fox Smokehouse BBQ - Boulder City

The exceptionally creamy macaroni and cheese found at Fox Smokehouse BBQ in Boulder City is well-known. The side dish is so popular you can find it on its own, nestled next to cowboy beans as a side, and even as a burger topping. The award-winning "Spicy JD" burger is topped with its famous mac and cheese, bacon, cowboy corn bites, jalapeños, barbecue mayo, and more cheese. What better way to enjoy macaroni and cheese than with brisket and buns?

New Hampshire: Mr. Mac's - Manchester

Mr. Mac's is serving up some of the absolute best macaroni and cheese in the U.S., with almost 20 different mac-centered hot options to choose from and plenty of macaroni salad dishes, as well. Some of Mr. Mac's most unique menu options include "Mozzarella Stick Mac," "Taco Mac," and "Jalapeño Popper Mac." Each dish uses locally sourced cheese, and there are even gluten-free and vegetarian options. You can get delivery if you're in the southern New Hampshire area or order a shipment to anywhere in the U.S.

New Jersey: Tops Diner - Newark

There are four options for devouring macaroni and cheese at Tops Diner. The first is a side dish of its classic mac and cheese or truffled mac. Take it one step further and appetize with the "Mac + Cheese Skillet," complete with a four-cheese sauce, bacon, chives, and crispy garlic breadcrumbs. This diner's most famous entree, however, is the "Lobster Mac + Cheese Casserole." It's made with fresh Maine lobster, five kinds of cheese, roasted tomatoes, and buttery breadcrumbs.

New Mexico: Nexus Brewery & Restaurant - Albuquerque

Nexus Brewery & Restaurant is a hotspot for beer and some of the best New Mexican soul food you should be eating. Guy Fieri gave the green chili mac and cheese a shoutout on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives for a good reason. This high-key side dish at Nexus takes center stage because it's creamy, tender, and unforgettable. Each side comes topped with melted and shredded cheddar cheese and toasted breadcrumbs. Customers come for the spicy gumbo and beer but stay for the mac and cheese.

New York: Druthers Brewing Co - Albany, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady

The best mac and cheese in New York hides outside New York City. Up against 30 other restaurants, Druther's Brewing Co. won first place in the 2022 Mac-N-Cheese Bowl for its signature dish (via Times Union). Although its menu changes with the seasons, it serves up options like its famous "Druther's Mac" with a whopping seven-cheese sauce, homemade creste di-gallo pasta, and a house chip and panko topping. Also available is "Loaded Mac" with bacon, pulled chicken, ranch, and barbecue sauce. Consider checking out its seasonal options, as well.

North Carolina: Poole's Diner - Raleigh

While diners are typically known for their cheeseburgers and hotdogs, Poole's Diner is run by award-winning chef Ashley Christensen. Her signature "Macaroni au Gratin is a head-turner and draws diners from all over the country. The signature dish features Grana Padano, white cheddar, and Jarlesburg. The menu changes regularly, so be sure to call ahead about Chef Christensen's famous macaroni and cheese.

North Dakota: Würst Bier Hall - Fargo

In Fargo, you can find some of the most unique macaroni and cheese at the Würst Bier Hall. "Spaetzle Mac and Cheese" fits the bill of this German-themed beer hall perfectly. It comes with spaetzle dumplings with a choice of sausage and is topped with homemade buerre blanc cheese sauce and toasted breadcrumbs.

If you're feeling adventurous, pair your mac and cheese with the beer halls' unique sausages, including boar, elk, pheasant, or rabbit. They're among the exotic meats you absolutely must try.

Ohio: The Eagle - Cincinnati

The Eagle has become a beloved barbecue, fried chicken, and southern sides beer hall across five states after originating in Cincinnati. Each day, its five-cheese macaroni side dish is made from scratch and draws in customers from all around. What makes this cheesy pasta dish so unique? The Eagle sneaks a hint of blue cheese into the mix, giving it a bitey and powerful nip. Encased by garlic breadcrumbs, this powerhouse side holds its own.

Oklahoma: The Loaded Bowl - Oklahoma City

Vegan mac and cheese can be an outstanding dairy-free twist, and The Loaded Bowl has some of the best mac in America. This renowned vegan food truck has no less than six creamy cashew mac and cheese selections, including the "Buffalo Mac Bowl, "Maple Chili Mac Bowl," and "Mac + Greens Bowl." Each bowl is hearty, healthy, flavorful, and filled to the brim with ethically sourced ingredients. You'll also find a gluten-free option for each flavor.

Oregon: Screen Door - Portland

The oven-baked macaroni and cheese side dish at the Screen Door steals the show in flavor and appearance. Encased by a broiled layer of bubbly and browned cheese, you'd be a fool to skip ordering it alongside your jambalaya or fried chicken dinner. Feast up at the East Side location, or make your way to the Pearl District branch. Either way, enjoy classic Southern dishes, sided by some of the best mac and cheese in Oregon.

Pennsylvania: Good Dog Bar - Philadelphia

Originating in Philadelphia, Good Dog Bar owner Heather Gleason considers her mac and cheese one of the restaurant's specialties (via Chocolate Covered Memories). It's no wonder it's so popular, as it's made with aged cheddar cheese, the key to irresistible bitey, sharp mac and cheese. To top it off, this mac is sprinkled with buttered breadcrumbs. It's perfect as a small bite or alongside your favorite entrée.

Rhode Island: Hemenway's - Providence

It's no surprise that Rhode Island knows its way around a lobster dish. At Hemenway's, the chefs serve up a lobster mac 'n cheese" to die for. Tender meat from a whole lobster, cavatappi pasta, Vermont white cheddar béchamel sauce, seasoned breadcrumbs, and garlic spinach are cooked together and served in a lobster shell. This unique presentation doesn't take from the incredibly fresh and local flavors in this delicious plate of perfection.

South Carolina: Crave Kitchen & Cocktails - Mount Pleasant

Pretty much everyone can agree that Crave Kitchen and Cocktails serves up some of the best macaroni and cheese in the United States. In fact, the mac is so popular that the restaurant has an entire food truck, "The Mac Daddy," dedicated to serving up the cheesy dish all around the area. This nationally (and globally) acclaimed dish is so popular due to the quality of the cheese. Chef Landon uses 10-year-aged sharp cheddar, imported Parmigiano, and handmade mozzarella in his unforgettably flavorful sauce.

South Dakota: Murphy's Pub & Grill - Rapid City

Down at Murphy's Pub & Grill, they know a thing or two about cheese. In fact, its menu has an entire section dedicated to cheesy additions. Make your way over to the "Say Cheese" section to find its flavorful three-cheese perfection, the mac. Made with corkscrew pasta, bitey blue cheese, sharp Parmesan, and Jack cheddar, it's no surprise that the intensity of flavor is one of the many reasons this mac dish is so loved.

Tennessee: Lunchbox Eats - Memphis

"We can't tell, but we will sell" is how Lunchbox Eats describes its mac and cheese side dish. Mystery aside, this bubbly, cheesy creation is oven-baked and made with cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan, and cottage cheese. The secret to such a unique flavor is the addition of Worcestershire sauce. Cottage cheese and Worcestershire are two ingredients not found in any other type of macaroni and cheese, and this unique twist makes Lunchbox's side so unique and memorable.

Texas: Parkside - Austin

Users of TripAdvisor agree that Parkside has some of the best macaroni and cheese in the U.S. Its famous side dish is made with oodles of silky Gruyere and cheddar cheese piled over macaroni noodles. Baked and broiled to perfection, Parkside's macaroni is topped with finely shredded Parmesan and fresh herbs, giving it that upscale ascetic and flavor. Be sure to order at least one side of macaroni with your entrée, and don't plan on sharing unless you're ready to put up a fight.

Utah: High West Saloon - Park City

Although High West Saloon is known for its whiskey, the mac and cheese is hard to resist. Cooked with Cremilleni ham and pimentos, this side dish gives the saloon's signature whiskey a run for its money. This decadent creation pairs perfectly with a few of its other Southern offerings like hot chicken, or shrimp and grits. The most unique feature is that the distillery is the only ski-in, ski-out of its kind! After all, there's nothing better than a piping hot bowl of mac and cheese after a day in the mountains.

Vermont: Our House Bistro - Winooski

With 26 mac options on the menu, it's no wonder that Our House Bistro takes the cake in the cheesiest state, Vermont. Some honorable mentions include the "Sugar Shack Mac," the "Pumpkin Eater Mac," the "Nutty New England Mac," and the "Poutine Mac." Each individual serving-sized iron skillet is overflowing with Vermont cheese and toppings, and when it comes to decisions, Our House Bistro is serving up plenty. It became so popular, in fact, that the owners decided to open up another spot just across Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh, New York. 

Virginia: Cheesetique - Arlington

Cheesetique knows cheese. By this, we mean that owner Jill Erber stocks her kitchen with an astounding array of unique cheeses. The specials menu features a rotating "Mac of the Moment," but hop over to the lunch and dinner menu to find three popular macaroni dishes. The "Chesapeake Crab" and "Buffalo Chicken" blow customers out of the water, though the award-winning "Mac 'N Cheesetique" takes the spotlight. Made with goat Gouda, Asiago, and Cacio de Roma, this crowd-drawing favorite is topped with truffle-infused breadcrumbs.

Washington: Wood Shop BBQ - Seattle

This Texas-inspired Seattle restaurant and butcher is the king of meat. And while the fall-apart hickory smoked brisket is unmatched, the mac and cheese bowls are a must. Wood Shop hosts four different mac and meat-centered bowls, including brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, chili mac, and even has a vegetarian "Portobello Machaca." Pickled red onions and homemade barbecue sauce play a role in almost every selection, rounding out the classic Texas barbecue flavor profile. Although you can purchase a single bowl, you'll be better off buying by the pound. It's that good.

West Virginia: Dem 2 Brothers and a Grill - Charleston

These brothers truly do know Southern cooking, and they make no exceptions when it comes to macaroni and cheese. After starting with just one brother and a side-of-the-road barbecue pit, Dem 2 Brothers and a Grill has expanded into multiple locations. Brisket, collard greens, and mac and cheese are the menu staples. The side comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large, and we couldn't recommend that you try the extra-large more.

Wisconsin: The Old Fashioned - Madison

Wisconsin is known for its quality cheese, so it's no surprise that the state has some drool-worthy mac and cheese. The Old Fashioned serves up its famous mac made with aged Wisconsin cheddar and Sarvecchio cheese topped with breadcrumbs. Yelpers are obsessed with the creamy entrée and often pair it with the fried cheese curds. Talk about a cheese coma! Don't forget to grab a signature brandy Old-Fashioned cocktail before you leave.

Wyoming: Sweet Melissa's Cafe - Laramie

Last but not least, Sweet Melissa's Cafe makes a "Mac and Cheese of the Day" to keep us on our toes. This vegetarian restaurant in the great state of Wyoming serves its flagship flavor with a kick, using hot peppers. This punch of heat breaks up the creaminess of the pasta and activates the diner's tastebuds in a unique way. Call ahead to inquire are what Melissa is serving up today!