The Unconventional Kitchen Appliance You Can Use To Make An Omelet

So you want to whip up a quick, delicious omelet, but all your pans are either stacked in the dishwasher or waiting in the sink for you to wash them. Don't worry; you have options. Another appliance lurks in the shadows of your kitchen, waiting to help you crank out fluffy omelets to place onto empty plates. Plus, not only will you impress visitors with your creative ingenuity, but you'll also have a party trick to showcase the next time hungry guests demand to be fed.

The best omelets, admittedly, require some effort to get just right. Eggs need to be enthusiastically whipped with just the right amount of salt added. Attention is needed to ensure the omelet doesn't end up burned and crispy. And, of course, the perfect presentation of the finished eggs can contribute to the overall success or failure of the dish. What if this omelet-making process was made a bit easier?

Meet your newest kitchen MVP

Food Network explains you can use a waffle iron to make omelets. Prepare your omelet batter by mixing eggs and a sprinkle of cheese to pour into the well-oiled iron. You can add any extra ingredients you'd like to the egg mixture — from sausage to bell peppers. Keep the heat low, warns The Cozy Cook, as the eggs only need a few minutes to cook until a fluffy mass is waiting to be plated.

The best part, adds Kirbie's Cravings, is that depending on what kind of waffle maker you own, the indicator will beep when the eggs are finished cooking. Unlike the attention required to make an actual omelet, you can pour the mixture into the iron and walk away as the eggs cook themselves to breakfast perfection.

Once the eggs are finished cooking, you'll notice that your waffle-iron-made omelet will be printed with the square ridges of a waffle. This added oomph can spruce up a morning plate or add unique textures to breakfast sandwiches. If you love the ease and convenience of using a waffle iron to make delicious meals, Insanely Good Recipes offers a list of ideas for chefs to consider. From cakes to potatoes to cookies — your waffle maker might become the next MVP of your kitchen.