The Trader Joe's Dessert Ina Garten Calls 'Absolutely Delicious'

Ina Garten is a woman of the people. While living in the Hamptons and hosting a beloved cooking show for 20 years may not seem relatable, Garten shows she's just like us in a lot of her recipes as she aims for stress-free entertaining. Whether that means easy no-bake dessert recipes or quick 10-minute meals on major holidays, you can trust that Garten has your back — not only with quality food, but with keeping things simple so you can spend time with company instead of in the kitchen. So, it should be no surprise that Garten is a fan of Trader Joe's for easy desserts.

Trader Joe's has made its name on the back of affordable prices and the creative and unique flavors of its store-brand items, but convenience is also a big factor in its appeal. Trader Joe's has an extensive selection of pre-made and frozen meals, from year-round favorite Mandarin Orange Chicken to ready-to-eat holiday items like its Mini Chocolate Mousse Desserts. 

The fact that these easy meals are actually high quality goes a long way in building the brand loyalty that defines so many Trader Joe's fanatics, with CNBC reporting that unofficial fan accounts command millions of followers and nationwide sales are catching up with powerhouses like Whole Foods. And, if someone like Garten is a fan, we can't think of much higher praise than that.

Ina Garten loves Trader Joe's Apple Tart

During a recent appearance on the Today show, Ina Garten shared holiday hosting secrets. And, in between tips like making your home smell inviting by warming up pie ahead of time, Garten said she's a big fan of Trader Joe's Apple Tart. She may have plussed it up with some ice cream and warm caramel sauce, but at its base, all it took was heating the Tart to make a quick and easy, enticing treat for her friends. "It was absolutely delicious," she said. While we will never bash a great homemade tart, we'd advise anyone against turning up their nose to pre-made items, especially ones Garten is reaching for.

Garten went on to admit that a nice display can go even farther than a home cooked dessert in making guests feel welcome, per Today. Friends and family visiting over the holidays are going to be plenty excited to see plates full of Peppermint Joe Joe's and taking it easy on a few parts of the meal can leave you free to relax or focus on nailing the main course. 

We all want to be super hosts at the holidays, with trays full of homemade cookies and a dinner spread that looks like it was printed off the cover of a magazine, but sometimes it's good to admit you don't have to do everything and leave a few items up to the professionals.