The Trick To Making The Most Out Of Egg Molds

When it comes to spicing up boring, run-of-the-mill lunchbox fare, few tools have quite as much potential as an egg mold — but what's the key to getting these little shape-shifters right?

The concept of an egg mold is pretty simple, in theory. Pop a boiled egg into one of these helpful little contraptions, et voilà! Suddenly, a good, old-fashioned boiled egg is an oh-so-adorable teddy bear or bunny rabbit. Or, for those with a more adventurous palate, one could even snack on an egg-shaped dinosaur. All that said, as anyone who has attempted to use an egg mold, things can go awry awfully quickly. From too-small eggs turning out decidedly wonky shapes to too-large egg whites squeezing out the sides of molds, it's pretty clear that there's more to molding boiled eggs than, well, popping a boiled egg into a mold. 

So, our question remains. Just how can we get the perfectly molded, hard-boiled egg

Rule No. 1: keep 'em cold

The key to getting egg molds right lies in a cool foundation. According to Food Network, the first step to the perfectly sculpted egg lies in an already-chilled mold. From there, place a warm, freshly-boiled egg inside, then sit that inside some cold water, and let the magic happen. One variation of this, suggested on the YouTube channel Red Ted Art is to start with a warm egg and a room-temperature mold, then keep the egg and mold cool once you've combined them. According to YouTuber, ice-cold water is typically recommended, but a fridge can do the trick just as well. 

Alternatively, another hack for those wanting a quicker result is to pop it into a freezer. Yet another variation, as seen in YouTuber Splooshy's dinosaur-shaped experiment, is pretty similar to that suggested by Food Network. Cool the egg in ice water (as one would typically do to stop the cooking process) before placing it in the mold, and then place it in the fridge. 

Getting the perfectly molded egg takes a little bit of trial, error, and some kind of cooling method, but done right, they can completely transform a lunchbox. From stars to bunnies and everything in between, healthy snacks never need to look boring again!