The Windsors' Heathrow Airport Suite Features Fine Dining And Unlimited Champagne

When Prince William and Princess Kate cruise through London's Heathrow Airport, you won't see them mulling about in the regular terminals. The royals have their own exclusive Windsor Suite at the international travel hub, per Hello Magazine.

The luxurious, intimate space is courtesy of Heathrow VIP – an extremely private and posh service used by the rich, famous, and powerful. From front-door pickups by chauffeurs to personal shoppers who can help you find last-minute gifts before your flight, the pre-travel experience alone is what many of us probably imagine as an actual vacation — except for these VIPs, this is all standard.

Heathrow VIP head Priya Malhotra told Insider that the exclusivity of the experience is part of the attraction. For many of those who use the service, privacy is an important element. "The type of people who use it sometimes want to stay under the radar, and sometimes there are security elements," Malhotra added.

Upon arriving at Heathrow, the special guests are escorted to a separate entrance and guided to a personal lounge where drinks and food of the highest quality are served — including a menu curated and designed by Jason Atherton, a Michelin-starred chef with a fleet of successful restaurants and bars around the world.

A first-class dining experience

After Atherton left Gordon Ramsay Holdings to start his own line of restaurants, Pollen Street Social, his very first concept, received a Michelin star within six months of opening, per the chef's website. This is an impressive feat, especially if you know what earning a Michelin star actually means. Atherton has brought the same quality to the dishes he prepares for Heathrow's VIPs, giving the most luxurious airline meals a run for their money.

Guests can order as much as they want from the menu and sip bubbly to their heart's content. Indeed, Champagne pours are unlimited, Hello Magazine confirms, and personal butlers ensure travelers are satisfied with light snacks or seasonal plates like oak-smoked duck and lobster tortelloni with clam and sweetcorn chowder.

For around $4,000, you too can buy your way into the space, as long as you are holding first- or business-class tickets for your journey in or out of Heathrow, according to the company website. Plus, you can invite two friends who aren't traveling to sit with you in your personal lounge as you wait to depart. Consider our hands raised.