The Simple Tip For Making Your Starbucks Iced Tea Stronger

We're all for getting more bang for your buck, and one of the best ways to experiment with that is in your coffee order. Treating yourself to a morning Starbucks can be a fun way to start your day, but all those caramel macchiatos can start to add up. According to CNET, buying a small drip coffee five days a week for 50 weeks a year means spending $1.95 a day, or almost $500 a year. And that's for one of the chain's cheaper drinks. If you want something a little fancier, like a caffè mocha or flat white, you'll be dishing out a daily $3.65 or $3.85, respectively (via Allmenus).

Luckily, there are no shortage of Starbucks hacks available on the Internet and social media. These tips are much needed, as Starbucks announced it was raising its prices in 2022 due to rising supply and labor expenses, NBC reports. Plenty save at Starbucks by downloading the app and using its rewards program. Buying drinks through the app earns you stars, which you can trade for free drinks, food, and merchandise. 

Other tips include ordering a blended iced drink instead of the more expensive frappuccino or asking for steamed milk instead of a Caffe Misto (via The Krazy Coupon Lady). And if you're an iced tea lover, there's one simple tip that will fill up your cup and wallet.

Ask for less ice and water

Starbucks makes their iced black tea by diluting black tea concentrate with water and ice, and mixing it all together, according to Oh How Civilized. Most Starbucks drinks are easily customizable, so you can have the barista make your drink to spec or note them while ordering through the app. If you'd rather get the maximum amount of tea possible in your cup, simply order the drink with less water and ice. 

The Everygirl recommends asking for "no water" when ordering an iced tea to get a stronger beverage. Or, since these drinks are typically made by filling up an entire cup with ice, you can ask for "light ice" for a higher tea concentration that's still cold. If you want to speak the barista's language, The Krazy Coupon Lady advises to ask for a "yellow scoop" of ice if you're ordering a venti, as some stores use that lingo for the smallest scoop.

But that's not all you can adjust with Starbucks iced teas. If increasing the tea concentrate would make the drink too strong for you, but you don't want to buy a beverage that's half water, Delishably suggests ordering a shaken tea lemonade. These drinks cost the same as regular iced teas, but the water is replaced with lemonade. Which of the absolute best Starbucks tea drinks will you choose to customize?