The Most Convenient Method To Freeze Cookie Dough

If you've ever marveled at how the Joneses of the world flawlessly execute a cookie platter on the fly or a perfectly curated box of goodies in a pinch, look no further than the freezer in your kitchen. Whether you are prepping for a special event, just remembered tomorrow's bake sale, or simply enjoy the bliss that is a fresh-baked cookie, keeping dough ready to go is a method that ensures sweet success.

Cookie dough can chill in the freezer for up to three months, but Sally's Baking Recipes notes that not all dough freezes with the same quality results. Drop cookies with high-fat content, like classic chocolate chip cookie dough or buttery shortbread, fare well in the freezer. But thinner, more delicate doughs that rely on ingredients like egg whites (we're looking at you, macarons and tuilles) can't stand up to freezing temperatures and will deflate when thawed and baked.

When you have an upcoming event in need of delicious cookies, Whisked suggests thawing your batch of dough in the refrigerator overnight. If you're in the midst of a cookie craving or need them in a hurry, you can let the dough warm up while prepping the ovens and pans and bake from frozen. But allow a few extra minutes of baking time when using this method and know that they will have a slightly different texture and spread when baked frozen.

Grab and go frozen dough

Keeping a variety of cookie doughs in the freezer is a sweet way to make your life easier. Although you can freeze big batches for later use, Better Homes & Gardens recommends flash-freezing pre-formed dough so it's ready to go whenever you need a sweet bite or cookie platter in a hurry.

A cookie scoop is a great tool for getting uniform-sized cookies that bake at the same rate, but you can also eyeball your dough and roll it by hand if you prefer a homemade look. Portion your dough and place individual cookies on a baking sheet with a bit of space between them before placing the whole sheet in the freezer until the dough balls are completely frozen. Transfer them to a freezer bag for space-saving freezer storage for up to three months. If your recipe calls for decorations or a sugar coating, hold off until you're ready to bake them and they've thawed enough to hold the topping.

Southern Living suggests the same method for rolled cut-out cookies. Once cut, they can be placed on was paper and stacked on a baking sheet to freeze an entire batch of dough on one tray. Freezing portioned cookie dough not only saves time and elbow grease, but the cold temperature helps them maintain their shape when baked.