Dulce De Guayaba: The Guava Dessert That Pairs Perfectly With Cheese

You may have reached that point in winter where you can't help but imagine yourself stretched out on a beach (any beach!) sipping from a coconut in your hand — or maybe eating fresh mango or dragon fruit. Whatever your fantasy, guava is also worthy of being in your daydream's snack rotation.

The fruit can be found growing in tropical regions, but it has been enjoyed around the world over the past few centuries (via MyRecipes). Guava usually takes the form of a small fruit with pink flesh and a greenish-yellow rind you can eat, with a sweet and sometimes floral taste that's often compared to strawberries, pears, or other fruits. This makes it the perfect food to include in refreshing desserts — though there are things to look for when buying guava.

Countries across Latin America may have created the best way to enjoy the fruit. Dulce de guayaba, or guava jam, is a versatile recipe that can be enjoyed on its own or with other foods for optimal snacking.

How to enjoy dulce de guayaba

Dulce de guayaba and variations of it are popular in many Latin American countries. The treat is typically made by mixing guava purée and sugar over heat until it becomes thicker and reaches a dark reddish-brown color (via Discovering Paraguay). In Paraguay, this spread is enjoyed on slices of bread or fresh local cheeses. Alternatives like cheddar, Swiss, and Gruyére are also suitable, since their salty notes balances out the sweet guava jam (per Hangry Hanna).

The consistency of dulce de guayaba resembles that of yogurt, making it a great filling for cakes, pies, pastries, and other sweets, as Dominican Cooking notes; however, since guava naturally contains pectin, this jam can be further reduced to make a moldable paste, or pasta de guayaba, that is more jiggly and firm. In Colombia, this particular form is called bocadillo — consumed in cubes on its own like candy, paired with fresh white cheeses, or even placed inside grilled cheese sandwiches (via Vecina Vegetariana).

Dulce de guayaba is simple to make at home, meaning it's perfect to try out for the taste of a tropical beach vacation wherever you are.