Roasting Plant Coffee Is Getting In On The Negroni Trend With New Collab

Espresso martinis have perfected the art of merging coffee with alcohol, but there's a new cocktail on the market. A recent partnership between a New York-based roastery and an Italian spirit company will keep the booze flowing and your energy going with a caffeinated Negroni (per Primo Aperitivo).

Roasting Plant is a coffee shop originating in Manhattan's Lower East Side. The roastery has expanded across the country and to the United Kingdom on a quest to brew high-quality coffee to order. While Roasting Plant may not have any physical ties to Europe — at least, not yet — it's looking to Italy for inspiration in the form of the country's classic cocktail: the Negroni.

Negronis leave room for experimentation, with versatile spirits that allow for innovative and creative twists. For the holiday season, you can easily add cranberries for a boost in flavor and festivities. However, if you're looking for something a little stronger, Roasting Plant has you covered.

Enter, Primo Aperitivo: the Italian spirit brand proving that coffee doesn't exclusively complement select liquors like Baileys, amaretto, and Irish coffee's trademark whiskey. Instead, coffee can be utilized in all kinds of cocktails, easily raising spirits with a taste of la dolce vita.

The coffee Negroni merges two of Italy's favorite drinks

A typical day in Italy may start with an espresso and end with a Negroni — but why not skip the in-between and combine the two already?

In a recent statement sent to Tasting Table, Roasting Plant announced a new partnership with Primo Aperitivo. As outlined in the statement, as well as on Primo Aperitivo's website, the spirit brand sells artisanal Italian cocktails. These, of course, include Negronis; the brand's version utilizes gin, vermouth, and bitter aperitif liquor. Primo Aperitivo's Negroni comes as a pre-made cocktail, as do the seller's sbagliato and americano drinks. 

With this ready-to-go Negroni as a base, Primo Aperitivo then encourages consumers to create their own concoction with the addition of Roasting Plant espresso. The spirit company recommends pouring the Negroni mix into a rocks glass over ice, then adding in the espresso. While this may sound like a strange combination, the company assures buyers that the results are well worth a try. The flavors of freshly roasted coffee blend with the bittersweet Negroni mixture. It's the perfect drink to kick off a night out or enjoy as a nightcap.