The Clever Potato Chip Serving Hack To Use At Your Next Party

We understand not everyone is game to layer potato chips with caviar or roe, but for those looking to serve presentable potato chips without much fuss, we have a hosting tip for you. Chips are one of the easiest snacks to set out for guests at dinner parties, so it can pay to learn how to make them look nicer for a table spread.

While most of us voraciously tear open bags of chips to pour into bowls, ​​Meleyna Nomura took to Instagram to show us a more refined way of preparing crunchy snacks for friends. Sometimes the easiest solutions are so simple you don't think of them, and such is the case with this party-serving trick. Whether you're preparing to host guests at home or simply want to treat yourself to a more elevated snacking experience, the way in which you open a snack bag could make or break you.

When presentation matters

In her Instagram post, food blogger Meleyna Nomura demonstrates how to cut open a bag of potato chips with scissors — except she cuts the bag at the bottom so smaller pieces fall into the bowl first, and bigger, fuller chips end up resting aesthetically on top of the pile. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you've ever tried to set out a bowl of chips with small, broken pieces staring sadly up at you, you'll appreciate this clever hack. Cuisine at Home agrees: Regardless of your preference of potato chip, unbroken chips are more pleasant to see than tiny destroyed crumbs.

Alternatively, if you can't be bothered to dirty a bowl for the serving occasion, CNA shows that it is possible to turn the chips bag itself into a presentable vessel; with a few intentional folds, the bag can be transformed into a standing container, and potato chips can be taken directly from the open display.