The Best Type Of Fillings For Polish Kołaczki

"C" may be for "cookie," but "k" is for "kołaczki," the classic Polish treat stealing the show at your next dinner party or potluck. In case you're late to the party yourself (pun intended), kołaczki are firm, flaky cream cheese- and butter-based cookies folded around a fruity center (via The Spruce Eats). To make the dessert, cream cheese and butter (or margarine) are mixed together, then flour is added to form a dough, which is chilled until it hardens, per Food Network. Next, the cookie dough is rolled out, cut into diamond shapes, and stuffed with a small spoonful of filling in the middle. The edges of the diamond dough shape are folded to delicately cover the center. Once the kołaczki are baked, they are often dusted with confectioners' sugar or other types of sugar to finish.

Most commonly, the Polish cookies contain nuts, sweet cheese, poppy seeds, or preserves like apricot, prune, or raspberry. Their variety can make for a colorful lineup in bakery display cases. But how can those at home successfully bring the cookie to their platters? Here's the best type of filling for kołaczki. 

Look for thicker cake fillings

While a jammy fruit filling is typically the go-to for kołaczki, it usually isn't texturally thick enough to give the cookies the structural integrity they need to achieve their signature mouthfeel. Instead of reaching for a jar of runny berry preserves, look for fillings specifically designated for cakes and pastries. These products tend be thicker, meaning they'll hold up better in kołaczki and be less likely to seep out during baking, per The Spruce Eats.

Alternatively, you can also use canned fruit fillings, like the kind you might scoop into a raw pie crust, or thicken jam with a mixture of cornstarch and water (via Modern Harvest). If you're in a pinch and want to make an easier version of the Polish treat, Pillsbury recommends adding both fruit preserves and sweet cheese instead of one or the other. To do it, beat together cream cheese, powdered sugar, and orange zest, add a spoonful of this mixture onto the center of each cookie dough ball, and then carefully place a dollop of preserves on top. This version makes for a thicker filling than jam alone. When refrigerated in an airtight container, these kołaczki will last for up to a week, taking your cookie tray or afternoon tea, which isn't the same as high tea, to the next level.