Pour Juice 'Upside Down' For Less Mess

In life, there are many everyday items we use that have been thoughtfully designed for more convenient use, but somehow the design details have gotten lost somewhere along the way. Case in point: Those tiny paper fast food cups to hold your sauces like ketchup and mustard that never seem big enough? They are designed to expand by pulling the folds apart, which Country Living explains makes the cup contain more sauce and act as a better vehicle for dipping than skinny fries. 

Another example: Those classic Chinese takeout boxes are not just vehicles for your lo mein or General Tso's chicken. They conveniently break down into the perfect plate with your favorite dish already on it (via Huffington Post). Square juice and milk cartons are also designed with efficient functionality in mind: There is a reason that the hole for pouring from is not square in the middle of the top, and you've likely been pouring your orange juice out the wrong way.

Turn your juice carton 'upside down' for a smoother pour

Usually, when one pours juice out of a carton, if the hole is closer to your cup, you may be accustomed to a rapid spout of liquid and unseemly glug noises: You may have even spilled a few drops of precious juice. There's a better way to pour, and a helpful video explanation can be found on TikTok via user Goldilocks Bears. When one pours a carton of juice with the hole farther away from the cup, or "upside down," the liquid comes out in a nice steady, and smooth stream.

Though TikTok may have re-popularized this hack, it isn't new: Back in 2014, Lifehacker covered the pour-your-juice-upside-down hack, albeit with a more archaic visual presentation in the form of a GIF (via Boing Boing). For those curious why this hack works, one commenter explains that if you pour your liquid quickly, the air pressure causes the air to rush in, which leads to a neater pour. Cheers.