Milk Bar's New Coffee-Soaked Treat Is A The Original Donut Shop Collab

The holiday season and cookies are a perfect pairing and one most of us start thinking about as soon as the last Thanksgiving leftovers have been put away. Yes, baking up snickerdoodles or gingerbread cookies is a great way to enjoy the beloved seasonal treat and one that is both fun and family-friendly. But there are also far easier ways to get your hands on delicious cookies this holiday season, as well as a few more up-to-date recipes. For must-try examples of both, look no further than the recently announced cookie collaboration between Milk Bar and The Original Donut Shop Coffee, per Bake Magazine.

Milk Bar was created by acclaimed pastry chef Christina Tosi. What began as a bakery inside New York City restaurant Momofuku, according to QSR, has now expanded to more than a dozen locations in cities across the country. Tosi has written three cookbooks, and as The New York Times notes, was a judge on Fox's "MasterChef Junior." But Milk Bar is where what QSR refers to as Tosi's "playful approach" is given full reign. The new cookie collab with The Original Donut Shop Coffee is a great example because although coffee is certainly a traditional partner for cookies, Tosi has added a new twist, per Bake Magazine.

Milk Bar collab creates cup o' cookie, plus three holiday recipes

Milk Bar's new Cup o' Cookie is the gift that keeps on giving, with an oversized jar filled with vanilla custard and a cake topped with a chocolate chip-covered pretzel potato cookie and paired with The Original Donut Shop Coffee and milk. Rather than making a cookie that's meant to be dunked in coffee, however, Tosi's idea was to totally reverse the equation, per Bake Magazine. Hence the collaboration with The Original Donut Shop Coffee and the unique Cup o' Cookie construction. "We teamed up with our friends at The Original Donut Shop Coffee to put a new twist on the routine, celebrating what happens when you see life with bold takes and unexpected flavors," Tosi explained in Bake Magazine. "Enter: Cup o' Cookie, my new favorite creation powered by the best coffee out there (and way to have my cookie and cup of coffee, too)."

As Milk Bar Store announced on social media, however, the new Cup o' Cookie is only available for a limited time during the 2022 holiday season. Additionally, only at the dessert chain's flagship locations in New York City and Los Angeles will serve it. December 19 is the last day it will be sold, Bake Magazine noted, but added that the brands are also teaming up on a trio of fun recipes that can be enjoyed indefinitely. To see the holiday-friendly recipes, visit Keurig, the maker of The Original Donut Shop Coffee.