How The Hario V60 Coffee Maker Works

When it comes to ways of brewing coffee, there seems to be an endless number of choices. From siphon coffee makers to AeroPress, coffee lovers can take their pick of the perfect coffee-making technique to match their needs. One process in particular — the pour over — has amassed a devout group of followers for its simplistic method, minimal equipment, and the brewer's ability to easily control how the coffee will taste.

Using the pour over method, the Hario V60 coffee-making accessory has won over baristas and home brewers alike with its no-nonsense approach to making the perfect cup of joe. Plus, notes Hario, because this method relies on hand power, the final taste of the coffee can be impacted by the brewer, resulting in a drink that is as dark or bright as desired. As simple as the V60 looks, it packs a fairly complex brewing experience. If you're looking to up your home-brewing game and don't want to blow your savings on a pricey machine, this contraption could be a great choice.

Designed for optimization

The Hario V60 is a "V" or cone-shaped apparatus that is placed on top of a mug. North Star Roast explains the inside of the cone is lined with ridges that expose coffee grinds to air. As hot water is poured on top of the grinds and soaks through the filter, brewed coffee drips into the container below.

Hario elaborates that the unique shape of the device adds depth to the coffee by maximizing the coffee grounds' exposure to water. Because of this, subtle tastes and smells can be savored; plus, you can make a delicious coffee in three minutes, per North Star Roast.

But it isn't just the shape of the device, notes Pourover Project; different kinds of materials — ceramic, plastic, glass, and metal — provide a variety of options for at-home and professional baristas alike. Plastic versions are easy to stash in luggage for a trip or camping excursion, for example, while metal has the durability to withstand regular coffee shop use.

For coffee lovers wanting to experiment, the speed of the pour and the size of the grinds can yield noticeable differences in coffee taste when using the Hario V60. Your Dream Coffee suggests choosing medium grinds of light or medium roast coffees; for an espresso-like flavor, pick a darker blend.