Notable Foods To Keep An Eye On In 2023

National Restaurant Association already has us looking forward to the year to come. In the "What's Hot" 2023 Culinary Forecast, the group has predicted several food and drink trends for the new year. In collaboration with the American Culinary Federation and Technomic, over 500 culinary professionals, chefs, and thought leaders were polled to get the scoop on what will be seen on plates and menus in 2023. From drinks, sauces, dishes, and desserts, the report has neatly compiled what is expected to soar — and what will be left behind in 2022.

Diners want to connect, insists the report, and those food and drinks offering both comfort and experience will find favor with patrons. In addition to more comforting, traditional recipes, the group's results predict that the food and drink recipes centered on experiences, culture, and community will fare well. Up-and-coming dishes are influenced by international flavors, tempting diners searching for unique flavors and interesting experiences.

Get ready for global tastes

According to the "What's Hot" 2023 Culinary Forecast report, international flavors from the Balkan area — think Croatia, Bulgaria, and Turkey — plus sandwiches like the Chinese rou jia mo, jianbing, and the Argentinian choripan are expected to be in hot demand, while paratha, roti, and crepes are predicted to replace the more traditional slices of sandwich bread. In addition, the group forecasts amazake, a Japanese drink made from fermented rice, and raki, a Turkish alcohol made of distilled grapes and anise, to rise in popularity. To satisfy sweet cravings, alfajor, a dessert made of almond paste, nuts, breadcrumbs, and honey, and haupia, a coconut pudding from Hawaii, may grace the menus; and the mint sauce from Peru called huacatay is expected to flavor many dishes.

Breakfast lovers, we have good news: Breakfast bowls are predicted to go through some upgrades, with morning rice and pasta bowls giving those frequently Instagrammed oats and smoothie blends serious competition. Breakfast salads, crudité platters, fried lasagna, balsamic cocktails, name-brand snacks, and fruit-flavored coffee could very well take a back seat in 2023, and pickled French fries, ranch water, and upscale pigs-in-a-blanket will remain in the past. We pass no judgments, but we are excited to sample new flavors in the year to come.