The Best Type Of Coffee To Use In Your V60 Brewer

For many, coffee might simply be a vehicle for a daily dose of caffeine. Yet the beverage encompasses a staggering complexity, containing nearly 500 flavor compounds, more than double the amount in wine (via WineEnthusiast). Similar to its grape-fermented cousin, brewed beans showcase their terroir, relaying the essence of their date of harvest and place of origin. From espresso to hand brews, the best method to craft a cup is both debated and preferential. 

It doesn't need to be complicated — in fact, buyers and sellers sample coffees by pouring hot water over grounds in a technique known as cupping, per Paulig Barista Institute. Brewing in this simple manner really allows beans to shine, as is the case with the highly-regarded Hario V60 brewer. Released in 2004, this 60-degree cone has dominated coffee competitions, becoming the vessel of choice to showcase the world's best beans (via European Coffee Trip). Clearly, the V60 can generate a delicious cup, but what beans are best for the job?

Washed, light to medium roast beans are preferred

To start, shop for whole beans rather than grounds when brewing with a V60. Not only does grinding coffee yourself preserve freshness, but it also allows you to fine-tune the consistency for a perfect brew, explains Adams + Russell Coffee Roaster. V60's thicker yet sensitive paper filters deliver a balanced cup containing acidy, body, and a coffee's key flavors without an overly-dense texture, notes Lionhead Beans. Medium and light roasts are optimal since they'll open a bouquet of flavors, hitting varied notes for a delicious cup (per North Star Roast). 

When it comes to how beans are processed, washed coffees (also known as wet-processed) align well with a V60. According to Taylor Lane, washed coffees typically have consistent flavors with a palatable acidity and a less dense body — ideally suited for fine-tuning when hand pouring. However, such guidance is largely preferential, not rigid. Multiple winners of the World Brewing Championship used naturally processed coffees when brewing with the V60 (via the Perfect Daily Grind). Such variability is the hallmark of the device — if the beans are tasty, this brewer will do them justice.