How A Water Bottle Can Be Used To Separate Eggs

Whether you're a lover of egg white omelets, are tempering yolks for pastry cream, or are whisking egg whites for meringue, separating eggs is a technique that occurs in many recipes. In fact, while egg whites and yolks come as a packaged deal, the two have very different characteristics, ranging from taste to nutrition. While the yolk is richer in flavor with a dense consistency, the white is a bit flavorless with a fluffy texture. Nutrient-wise, according to MasterClass, egg whites are lower in calories, fat, and vitamins yet higher in protein. On the other hand, egg yolks are higher in vitamins, fat, and cholesterol. Overall, the two counterparts are quite useful on their own in specific recipes.

There are many tips and tricks to making the pesky task of separating eggs a bit easier, such as cracking an egg over a bowl and catching the yolk with the shell, rubbing your fingers with garlic to attract the yolk, or even purchasing an egg separator tool from the store. But if these hacks didn't work for you, or you simply don't have time to run out to the store to buy a specific tool, what if we told you a plastic water bottle would do the trick? That's right — if you've got half-drank water bottles lying around, put one to good use.

It creates a suction for the egg yolk

According to SELF, this plastic water bottle hack will help you easily separate eggs without those unwanted broken shells getting in the way. First, start by cracking your eggs in a bowl. Next, grab an empty, clean plastic water bottle with the cap off, squeeze it slightly, place it over the yolk, and release the bottle. You'll notice how easily the egg yolk glides into the bottle. This creates a suction that pulls the egg yolk away from the white. From there, simply dump the egg yolk into another bowl and continue separating. 

When performed effectively, the bottle trick can separate a series of yolks in almost no time. According to In The Know, TikTok users are to thank for the popularity of this hack, as different videos going viral are what sparked its popularity. Because of this helpful information, we can now separate eggs like a professional in half the time.