Martha Stewart Shared Her Go-To Miami Beach Crab Joint

Craving crab? It might be time to take a trip to Miami where the crustaceans are in deliciously ample supply. While it can be tricky to figure out where exactly to dine given the many seafood spots located in the coastal city, there's one place that tops them all for Martha Stewart — a charming, family-style eatery with over a century of history.

A fixture on many Miami menus, Eater reports that stone crabs are a favorite in South Florida, especially when they're in season from mid-October through April. Firm, yet flakey, stone crab claws tend to be particularly meaty and extremely flavorful (per Opal Collection). In fact, the crustacean has a sweeter profile than other crab varieties and is fairly reminiscent of lobster, which is one of the reasons it's so popular among diners, including the culinary powerhouse known as Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart is best recognized as a writer, businesswoman, and lifestyle innovator. But, you also add crab connoisseur to her long list of titles, following her most recent restaurant recommendation. Making a case for one Florida institution, the mogul urges fans looking for stone crab not to miss this famous crab joint.

When in Miami Beach, stop by Joe's Stone Crab

"We love this 100+ year old eatery and its delicious crabs and key lime pie!" shared Martha Stewart in a post on Instagram. "In Miami Beach, [Joe's Stone Crab] is the place to go for this deep sea delicacy."

While the history of Joe's Stone Crab can be traced back to 1913 when the restaurant was just a lunch counter serving sandwiches and fries, the establishment really saw success when owner Joe Weiss decided to throw a local, yet unknown crustacean (stone crab) into a pot of boiling water. To his surprise, it was both edible and delicious — and totally abundant in the bay. He began serving a plate of chilled and pre-cracked claws for $0.75, served with a tangy mayo and mustard sauce, paving the way for decades of continued success.

Today, the hearty claws are served in much the same way – just at a higher cost – and offered as part of Joe's Classic Meal, complete with hash browns, coleslaw, creamed spinach, and a slice of key lime pie, which Stewart taunts as another must-try item! 

The menu also features shrimp cocktail, fried calamari, conch fritters, chowder, paella, and lobster rolls. Should you be in the mood for surf 'n' turf, Joe's even offers steak, fried chicken, and burgers. With limited reservations available, make sure you bring some patience as you wait for a table, but most importantly, bring your appetite!