The Cocktail That Comes Paired With A Gordon Ramsay Insult

In an era where celebrity chefs seem to be a dime a dozen, there's arguably no bigger name than Gordon Ramsay. With a culinary empire of 58 restaurants and seven Michelin stars around the globe (according to Parade) and popular television shows that include "MasterChef," "Next Level Chef," and "Hell's Kitchen," among many others, he's one of the biggest household names around. Though he's is known for his ample culinary prowess, he's arguably equally well known for his fiery personality, short temper, and inventive insults, often displayed during heated dinner services on "Hell's Kitchen" with aspiring chefs who can't seem to handle the pressure and heat in the open kitchen (and the occasional guest who dares to approach the kitchen). Who could forget such classic zingers as "idiot sandwich" and "This fish is so raw, he's still finding Nemo!"

At the Hell's Kitchen restaurants, ordinary diners can feel like they're part of the show, with a blue and red open kitchen serving up such Gordon Ramsay classics as seared scallops, Beef Wellington, and sticky toffee pudding. Well, it turns out that diners can also experience a classic Gordon Ramsay insult for themselves, in the form of a cocktail appropriately named "Notes From Gordon."

A gin cocktail with a side of classic Gordon Ramsay insults

The "Notes From Gordon" cocktail, which features Plymouth dry gin, green tea, lemongrass, peach, and lemon, comes with a little rolled-up scroll with the British flag on one side and a special "message from Gordon" on the other. Some examples:

"You've put so much ginger in this, it's a Weasley!" (perĀ Pop Sugar).

"What came first? The chicken or the egg? It doesn't matter because you can't cook either one" (via @thehungrylilmonkey on Instagram)

"This mushroom is so raw it said that the princess is in another castle" (via @making_moves_24_7 on Instagram)

Caesar's Palace, home to the first Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas even got in on the action on Instagram, posting another example: "The beef is so undercooked that it is starting to eat the salad" (while noting that, "It's one of our fav surprises at #GRHellsKitchen").

The "Notes From Gordon" cocktail can be found in all Hell's Kitchen locations, including Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Southern California, Atlantic City, and soon, Washington D.C. To enjoy the full Gordon Ramsay experience, head to any of the Hell's Kitchen locations, order a signature dish and a "Notes From Gordon" cocktail, and be glad that you're not under the actual spotlight or on the television screen being insulted by the master himself.