Marasca Fizz: The Cherry Cocktail To Liven Up NYE Champagne

Champagne, or if you're being pedantic, sparkling wine, has a real stranglehold on the world of celebratory drinks, especially for New Year's celebrations. The sound of a popped cork and the fizz of carbonated wine is inseparable from the night itself, a crisp toast to a brighter future and an indulgence that truly makes the night feel special. The tradition of drinking Champagne at New Year's parties and celebrations, in general, is one that Imbibe says is rooted in aspiration; it became common in the 20th century as more wealthy middle-class people sought to celebrate with a drink previously only available to rich aristocrats. Even today Champagne retains its mystique as a drink of the wealthy, which helps it maintain an air of extravagance.

But like all traditions sometimes it can get a little stale. Especially for those of us that don't want to empty our bank accounts on the really good stuff (like this $2.5 billion bottle), Champagne can be a little underwhelming, a nice drink for sure, but not one that provides the kind of special, celebratory joy you want. That is where Champagne cocktails come in. A little bit of juice, sugar, or liquor can elevate Champagne and provide a festive and unique experience worthy of the new year. There are of course classics like the French 75, but for something a little less common, but just as delicious, you should try the cherry-based marasca fizz.

The Marasca Fizz combines sparkling wine with maraschinos and cherry liqueur

The marasca fizz is not only a tasty cherry cocktail, but it's also easy to make for a big party. According to Delish, you want to start off by using the syrup of maraschino cherries to coat the rim of each glass and cover it with sugar like you would salt the rim of a margarita. Then you combine a half-ounce of cherry liqueur like Cherry Heering, a few sugar cubes, a few dashes of bitters, and an additional quarter-ounce of maraschino syrup in the glass before topping with your Champagne of choice and garnishing with some maraschino cherries. It looks beautiful and tastes great, with the sweet and tart cherry liqueur complimenting a bright and dry Champagne.

For the marasca fizz, you'll want to get a tasty liqueur and high-quality maraschino cherries. Cherry Heering is a specific Danish brand of cherry liqueur that The Spruce Eats says bartenders prefer for its strong, jammy cherry taste and lack of bitterness. For your cocktail cherries, you can't go wrong with Luxardo, which Wine Enthusiast says uses sour Italian marasca cherries, the namesake of the cocktail itself. Armed with the best ingredients your marasca fizz will be sure to wow every guest at this year's New Year's Eve party, while also being good enough that you might keep drinking them for months afterward.