Great American Cookies Turns Elf On The Shelf Into A Cookie Cake

The Elf on the Shelf doll, produced by the Lumistella Company, has become the main feature of a relatively recent Christmas tradition in many households, where parents place the doll around the house to keep watch on the children, checking if they're being naughty or nice. The rules of the game, so to speak, are: the elf will lose its magic if children touch him, and he can't talk but will listen if the children want to share secrets or wishes. While the tradition of trying to find the elf can be quite a fun game for the kids, it's gotten to be a game for the adults as well, keeping the magical spirit of the season alive for all. Whether the scout elf is sitting on a pile of veggies encouraging the little ones to eat their greens or slurping from a straw that's been shoved into a bowl of Mandarin oranges, involving food is a fun way to engage with this tradition. 

According to a press release from the Lumistella Company, Scout Elf Return Week is a term for when each Elf on the Shelf travels from the North Pole to stay with their host families for the Christmas season. In honor of this exciting time for kids, Great American Cookies is teaming up with the Lumistella Company for a limited time only to make Elf on the Shelf cookie cakes.

Making Scout Elf Return Week sweeter

Available in your choice of cookie batter, including the Original Chocolate Chip Cookie, the cookies can be ordered with different colors of ready-to-pipe icing, so you can decorate the border to your liking. This limited-edition treat will make Scout Elf Return Week, which starts November 24th, that much sweeter. The cake will be available through December 24th, 2022, and to get an additional glimpse of what the cakes look like, you can check out Great American Cookies' Instagram post

The Elf on the Shelf blog even details the scout elves' various favorite foods. It consists mainly of sweets, like candy, pies, cakes, and ...  you guessed it, cookies. And with the cookie cake being a top seller for Great American Cookies, this collaboration was a no-brainer. These cookie cakes give kids and families the opportunity to decorate their own, then everyone has the pleasure of eating it! 

Not only does this create family memories to cherish for years to come, but adds to the list of joyful collaborations Great American Cookie has done over the years. From their cookie decorating kits for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Winter, and giving out free cookies for tax day, to creating a kitchen sink cookie to onset new flavors, the company is always working on something new and exciting for their customers.