The NYC Cheese Shop Martha Stewart Adores

Martha Stewart likes cheese. In fact, the O.G. of homemaking admitted to Us Weekly that she treats herself to American cheese in single slices. She has previously shared her feelings about the processed, plastic-wrapped cheese, confessing to Town & Country that she is not above swiping a few slices from her housekeeper's drawer.

The cookbook author is not alone in her love for these single slices of cheese. Andrew Zimmern revealed he is also a fan of these salty orange creations, preferring Kraft singles for his grilled cheese sandwiches and publicly proclaiming this type makes for the best version of this classic food. It's difficult to argue that this snack of our youth doesn't have some delicious merits, though American cheese does have surprising origins.

However, when it comes to finer and more sophisticated cheeses for the taste buds, the American variety isn't necessarily on the menu, or at least it is not getting a starring role on Stewart's cheese boards. The lifestyle guru ditches those single-serving slices and turns to her favorite go-to cheese shop in New York City where she can shop for the sharp white cheddar and Gruyère cheese that are a hallmark of her macaroni and cheese recipe. Where does Stewart buy her cheese?

Martha Stewart goes to Murray's Cheese Shop

When Stewart needs to cook with gourmet cheese or create beautiful charcuterie boards, she heads to Murray's Cheese Shop in New York City (via Food & Wine). According to the domestic doyenne, the specialty store offers one of the best selections of cheeses you can find in the Big Apple, and an in-person visit is not even necessary. It also sells its fare online.

What makes this shop the place to purchase cheese? Murray's flagship location in Greenwich Village has been around for over 80 years, and caters to notable figures like chef Tom Colicchio and Whoopi Goldberg (per Edible Manhattan).

But whether you are in the market for a Parmigiano-Reggiano or a woodsy-tasting, soft Brie, this artisanal store has got you covered with the over 200 different types of cheese it houses. Edible Manhattan further notes that in Murray's land of fromage, there's an extensive variety to choose from. And don't worry if you are a cheese novice. The shop has plenty of cheesemongers on hand to answer questions and make recommendations.

But what makes the business even more exceptional is, per blog A Better Whey, it boasts its own aging caves beneath its storefront. These caves allow Murray's to make its own cheese, while housing other cheeses, and age them all to peak maturation before they hit your mouth.