You'll Likely Begin Seeing More Refrigerated Breakfast Options In Stores

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That said, taking the time to prepare a nutritious meal from scratch isn't always in the cards. Although frozen fare may have previously been there to lend a helping hand in the early hours, Food Business News shares that the recent emergence of refrigerated breakfast options (pioneered by Belgian Boys) might encourage you to switch up your morning routine.

Breakfast may seem timeless; however, beliefs about digestion and overconsumption meant that the meal didn't become mainstream until the Industrial Revolution, when workers needed sustenance before heading off to their jobs. According to the BBC, only after the postwar economic boom did inventions like sliced bread, sugary cereals, and frozen breakfast items start becoming characteristic of the morning meal. Since then, anything from waffles to croissants to hashbrowns, and even loaded burritos, have become morning staples.

Thanks to their ability to fulfill consumer demand for fast and easy meal options, it's no surprise that frozen foods (breakfast or otherwise) have seen all sorts of success. However, on the industry's coattails is a slightly less chilly alternative. According to FlavorSum, refrigerated breakfast entrées are currently one of the top trending sectors in breakfast. But what does that mean for shoppers and — more importantly — breakfast lovers?

Revolutionizing convenience through refrigerated breakfast foods

Make room for more! Complimentary breakfast staples like pancakes and waffles could soon appear in your supermarket's refrigerated section. While egg bites may have been the first foray into the chilled area, Food Business News reports that the advocacy from Belgian Boys (a brand specializing in Belgium-made sweet treats) has helped pioneer a change in landscape, revolutionizing what should be included in the refrigerated section.

Following the trend of refrigeration for everything from baby food to protein bars, Belgian Boys has helped a flurry of initially reluctant retailers — think Costco, Kroger, Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, Meijer, and Fresh Market — to add breakfast options to the roster, as well. With a market finally ready to embrace ready-to-eat breakfast goodies, the company has seen staggering success in sales and overall growth. Given the positive reaction by consumers, it can only be expected that other brands will continue expanding into this market.

Hopping on the refrigerated breakfast bandwagon already, Brekki has launched a line of dairy-free packaged overnight oats; meanwhile, Bakerly has brought grab-and-go French-style pancakes to the U.S. market. Even big brands like Jimmy Dean's and Kellogg's have introduced quick and easy no-cook options like Morning Combos and Eggo Liege-Style Waffles, respectively. What a tasty time!