A Limited-Time Nutmeg Soda Is Joining The Pepsi Lineup

If you're a soda fan, "shaking it up" might seem like literally the last thing you'd want to do (on account of the explosive carbonation). But soda giant Pepsi has been shaking things up with new, experimental flavors recently. Pepsi's cherry and mango flavors might have seemed like avant-garde offerings to some fans. But then the brand introduced frothy Nitro Pepsi, the first soda ever to be infused with nitrogen — and the flavors have only gotten more creative from there. In September 2022, Pepsi dropped a s'mores-flavored soda trio to celebrate the end of summer in style. There was a graham cracker flavor, a marshmallow flavor, and a chocolate flavor. The April before, Pepsi teamed up with IHOP for a maple-syrup-flavored soda, via Today.

In May 2022, Pepsi announced that it would not be sponsoring 2023's Super Bowl Halftime Show for the first time in a decade, per CNBC. The move brought ten years of "Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Shows" to a somewhat shocking and sudden conclusion. (Although the soda giant still renewed its sponsorship deal with the NFL for 2023.) But it looks like the soda brand is shifting its sights toward another arena: Soccer. Now, Pepsi is rolling out (pun intended) a soccer-inspired soda, and the flavor might surprise you. In a press release shared with Tasting Table, the soda giant announced its latest creation: Pepsi Nutmeg, released just in time for the FIFA World Cup.

Pepsi is nuts about soccer

Per the press release, the new spicy nutmeg flavor is inspired by the titular soccer move, the "Nutmeg Royale." In soccer, a "nutmeg" is when you pass the ball between the legs of another player, then run behind them and catch the ball as it rolls through. It requires impeccable judgment and skill to execute effectively. Soccer Coaching Pro calls getting nutmegged "one of the most humiliating experiences in soccer." "Nutmegging" is a power move that gets the crowd going like little else. (YouTube is filled with compilations of the best nutmegs in soccer history, and the crowd reaction is outstanding every time.) But executed in good sportsmanship against a fellow teammate, it can also rally players during crucial game-time moments to keep their energy up. It makes for an unexpected but impactful name for the latest installation in Pepsi's experimental soda flavor lineup.

Pepsi's iconic dark blue and bright red design is getting revamped for the flavor as well. Pepsi Nutmeg cans are a sandy brown color and depict two soccer players mid-game. The characters are drawn from Pepsi's promotional "Nutmeg Royale" video ad, which stars soccer champs Paul Pogba, Ronaldhino, and seven-time Ballon D'Or winner Leo Messi, via a PepsiCo press release. But Pepsi is calling it an "extremely limited" product run. Pepsi Nutmeg hasn't hit the market yet, but the company hints that fans should keep their eyes on the brand's social media accounts to know when it drops.