IKEA's Festive Julbord Feast Is Coming To Locations Across The US

No one sells more furniture than IKEA. That's not just a slogan, the retail giant leads the world in furniture sales, notes Statista. The company has become famous for more than just furniture, however. It's also one of the world's leading proponents of Swedish culture. No, we're not just referring to their signature Swedish meatballs, which have been a staple of their store restaurants since 1985, per CNN.

According to Lund University in Sweden, IKEA is active and upfront in its promotion of Swedish values and culture. The company is constantly referencing its native land — IKEA originated in Sweden in 1943, per Business Insider – from the Swedish food items offered in its restaurants to the Swedish language names given to all of its products.

This Swedish sensibility also extends to seasonal celebrations, such as traditional buffet feasts in honor of Easter and Christmas. The latter Swedish celebration is known as Julbord, a smorgasbord of Swedish specialties that is enjoyed throughout the country each Christmas, per Swedish Food. IKEA has celebrated Julbord before at its U.S. stores' restaurants, but after a two year hiatus, the company recently announced via press release that it will be doing so again this December.

How to celebrate the holiday season with IKEA

Yes, Julbord is back. IKEA U.S. will celebrate the iconic holiday food feast on Friday, December 9, when each of the store's restaurants will showcase a Julbord menu chockablock with Scandinavian favorites like herring, smoked salmon, Swedish potato gratäng, and, of course, Swedish meatballs (per a press release shared with Tasting Table). Tickets for the seasonal fête are on sale now at store restaurants, with pricing discounts available for IKEA family members. The latter are eligible to purchase tickets for $16.99 (adults) or $6.99 (children), while for everyone else, tickets are $19.99 or $9.99.

Julbord (which translates to "Christmas table," per Study in Sweden) has long been celebrated in Sweden. In fact, IKEA notes that the iconic Swedish feast has been enjoyed since the time of the Vikings. Swedish Food points out that the family-friendly smorgasbord is typically enjoyed on Christmas Eve, with leftovers served on Christmas Day. 

Tickets should be purchased in advance for the Julbord menu, and IKEA has announced that its U.S. stores will be spotlighting additional activities and festivities throughout that weekend (December 9th to 11th). The company recommends checking with the store nearest you for calendar details.