The Online Store That Sells Fish Approved By The World's Top Chefs

Environmental researcher and professor Kristen Lowitt estimates that at least 60 million people around the world are involved in the practice of farming and harvesting fish. When the pandemic hit, it was no surprise that those in the fishing industry struggled to get their catch into the hands of culinary enthusiasts wanting to prepare seafood for dinner.

Matthew Henderson or "Dead Fish Guy" (Henderson claims he adopted the moniker when he found it granted him access to chefs more quickly than his given name), was determined to help. Henderson's initiative evolved as a pandemic project, as he set out to get quality seafood not only into the kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants but onto the cutting boards of capable chefs cooking up delicious fish from the comfort of their own homes. Henderson figured if well-known chefs were approaching him for seafood orders, regular folks might also be interested in having fish delivered directly to their door, according to Food and Wine, and he wasn't wrong.

Committed to a sustainable industry

Henderson is experienced in the business of moving fish, having delivered fresh fish to restaurants and chefs for over a decade. He works alongside Jeff Tedmori, who, according to E-Fish, believes that fresh seafood shouldn't be limited to a select few, and the duo set out to get fish from harbors to homes as quickly as possible.

According to their website, the mission statement is "caught today, delivered tomorrow." The company has two main goals: to help fisherman move products and to give household kitchens quality ingredients for delicious meals. Another unique thing about their brand is the fish they choose to move. E-Fish supports harvesters committed to sustainable fishing practices while keeping fish as fresh as possible throughout the supply chain. And the company is transparent about where its products are raised and who is responsible for the catch. Packages are even labeled with QR codes that provide information about each harvester's approach to fishing and the history of their business (via Food and Wine).

E-Fish aims to keep the supply chain as direct as possible, their philosophy being "the less you handle the fish, the better."