Why You Should Consider Duck Eggs For Your Next Deviled Eggs Batch

Ah, eggs, what would we do without you? This versatile staple shows up in so many presentations besides just breakfast: From lunchtime egg salad sandwiches to a hardboiled afternoon snack to a spicy egg curry that makes a hearty, filling dinner, all the ways in which we can prepare eggs seem to boggle the mind.

Different egg recipes are apt for different occasions, but if you're entertaining, one obvious choice to offer your guests is deviled eggs. A classic cocktail party dish that also makes appearances at many a picnic or Easter Sunday table, deviled eggs are simply halved hard-boiled eggs whose yolks are scooped out, mashed together with mayonnaise and other flavorings, and either spooned or piped back into the little depression in the egg white half (via The New York Times). 

If you've made this retro appetizer, you've most likely utilized good ol' chicken eggs, but you might want to seek out the duck variety the next time deviled eggs are on the menu.

Duck eggs are larger in size and higher in fat than chicken eggs

Deviled eggs, as you know if you've eaten one recently, are dainty little things, almost always a one- or two-bite treat when encountered at a potluck or picnic. And while that can be a good thing, if you're of the "bigger is better" school, then deviled duck eggs might be just the ticket for you. 

Larger in size than chicken eggs, according to CNY Central, duck eggs also contain more fat — which can actually be a good thing if you adhere to a keto-type diet, which promotes the consumption of healthy fats, Keto Babble points out. Hoffman's Little Acres states that duck eggs are richer and more flavorful than chicken eggs, with large yolks that remain creamy and moist once hard boiled — which sounds perfect for deviled eggs, in which the yolks are, of course, the star of the dish. 

So when the craving for deviled eggs strikes — whether you prepare them by the book or go rogue with smoked trout or variations — check your local farmers market and see if you can't improve upon the classic.