Win Big At Your 2022 Ugly Holiday Sweater Party With These Food And Drink Brands

The holidays are right around the corner and with them come, as always, countless festive photo ops. Whether decorating your tree, taking pictures with Santa, visiting a holiday pop-up, or attending a party with friends, family, or co-workers, it's a great time of year for everyone to break out the weirdest, ugliest sweater they own and pose for a group photo. And then there is the relatively new concept of ugly sweater parties, which holiday apparel e-commerce site Tipsy Elves explains came into vogue in the early 2000s.

Are you one of those stylish people that actually likes all the clothing you own? Fear not! Some of your favorite food and beverage brands have you covered! Several iconic snack brands have dipped into the clothing market this holiday season to bring you the perfect outfit for all your 2022 ugly sweater parties — some of which you might even consider wearing in earnest.


You can't have Thanksgiving dinner without crescent rolls and you can't have Christmas without cookies, so it only makes sense that roll and cookie dough provider Pillsbury would get in on the spirit of the holiday season with its own adorable ugly sweater, which toes the line quite nicely between actually being ugly and just being cartoonishly festive.

Pillsbury's sweater is blue and white and features its always lovable mascot Poppin' Fresh, better known as the Pillsbury doughboy, standing in a forest of pine trees; push his tummy, and you'll even here's his iconic "hoo-hoo" laugh (if you don't mind your friends and family all poking your sweater). The sweater also features a pattern of embroidered snowflakes and crescent rolls up the sleeves, one of which contains a scannable code that will take you directly to Pillsbury recipes, baking tips, and even holiday music! Unfortunately, the sweater is currently sold out on Pillsbury's website, and it is unclear when or if it will be back in stock.


If you're looking for a truly ugly holiday sweater, Frito-Lay has you covered! The salty-snack giant has created a trio of hideous holiday pull-overs celebrating three of its most iconic brands.

The Lay's potato chip sweater is bright yellow and features a crisscrossing diamond pattern with accents of red and white stars, little red holiday presents, and the classic Lay's logo. The sweater is available now and will be shipped after November 25 to arrive in time for all your seasonal celebrations. Plus, as a bonus, when you order the lays sweater, you also get a bag of Lays classic potato chips, so you'll have a snack while you're running around completing your holiday to-do list.

Milk Bar

While the cookie sweater may be sold out, you can still get a sweatshirt for your favorite milk — Milk Bar that is! Christina Tosi's signature bakery chain has partnered with Fruit of the Loom to create a holiday, crew-neck fleece sweatshirt inspired by the brand's Raspberry Starburst Cookie. The beige sweatshirt boasts Fruit of the Loom's signature softness with red and black starbursts scattered across it and Milk Bar's logo on the sleeve. As a bonus, when you order, you will also receive Milk Bar's new Raspberry Starburst Cookie Cake, which takes the Raspberry Starburst Cookie and supersizes it. The cake features an extra-large almond cutout cookie, with a crunchy doughnut base and plenty of raspberry jam filling, with a dusting of powdered sugar on top.

If you'd rather have a holiday hoodie this year, the brands have also created the Peppermint Bark Tie Dye Pie duo, which features a peppermint-toned red and white tie dye hoodie that comes with a chocolate-crust pie featuring layers of vanilla, cocoa caramel, candy cane nougat, and chocolate covered pretzels. Both are available to order now on Milk Bar's website and ship the week of December 12.

Miller High Life

If beer is your holiday party drink of choice, Miller has your back, with sweaters celebrating both Miller High Life and Miller Light.

The Miller High Life sweater absolutely fits the bill for any ugly sweater party invite, featuring a wrap-around green and white stripe pattern with stars and diamonds, except on the chest, which is all white and boasts an oversized, red Miller High Life logo. The sweater goes for $59 and is currently available in sizes Small through 3XL. If the sweater is too much for you, you can still show off your brand loyalty in festive style with the matching, knit, pom-pom hat.


But maybe your preferred potato chip has ridges? Frito-Lay has you covered there too, because, as we all know, Ruffles have ridges, and Frito-Lay has a Ruffles holiday sweater available on its website.

Like the chips that inspired it, this white sweater also has ridges, with an asymmetrical, blue mountain-inspired pattern across the bottom, cuffs, and right shoulder. The shirt also features red and white accents, including stars, polka-dots, and of course the Ruffles insignia on the chest. Like the Lays sweater, this festive, snack-themed shirt will ship after November 25 and (again) includes a bag of Ruffles chips for your snacking pleasure.

Aviation Gin

Are you done with snacks? Let's move over to a drink-themed sweater, then. Aviation Gin hesitates to call its black and white holiday sweater "ugly" and prefers the name "subjectively attractive."

The Ryan Reynolds-owned beverage company promises the sweater, which features horizontal stripes of geometric shapes including Christmas trees, snowflakes, and wheat, and the brand's winged "A" logo dotted up the sleeves will "let the bartender at your office holiday party know what you'll be drinking." It's a safe bet, considering the sweater's top features the brand's name in bold letters across the chest and a stylized plane propeller on the back. The sweater is available for $65 and is sold in medium through 2XL.

Miller Lite

Miller Lite's holiday sweater is less patterned than its Miller High Life counterpart, but equally ... let's say unique. The sweater is primarily blue and white and features color block designs of wheat stalks, hops on the vine, Christmas trees, and of course, the iconic "It's Miller Time" slogan in red and gold fonts.

Also going for $59, this sweater is currently available in all sizes small through 3XL. Like the Miller High Life version, this design also comes in a matching knit hat, which is sold separately but just as festive for cold winter months. If you can't get enough of the Miller life this Christmas, you can also check out its new holiday keg tree stand, which is guaranteed to become a conversation piece at any seasonal gathering. 


The final entry in Frito-Lay's lineup of holiday snacks features everybody's favorite cheesy treat, Cheetos! The sweater is the neon orange color of the infamous Cheeto powder and features a pattern of yellow stars, Cheetos logos, and black paw prints that could only have been left by the one and only Chester Cheetah.

Like the other Frito-Lay sweaters, this motley masterpiece will also ship after November 25 and comes with, you guessed it, a bag of classic crunchy Cheetos. All the Frito-Lay sweater bundles cost $49.99 and come in sizes small through extra large.

Jim Beam

While not really a sweater, we felt it would be amiss to leave Jim Beam's 2022 holiday flannel pjs off our list. Perfect if you want to be just a little bit cozier than anyone else at the holiday party, the brand describes the lounge set as a "Kentucky Hug," referring to a very unique design option.

Retailing for $24.99 on the whiskey brand's online store, the pajamas come equipped with a "hug simulator" which allows you to replicate the feeling of being embraced by friends and family you can't physically touch. This hug comes in the form of a weighted, removable wrap that sits on the shoulders and back of the neck. The outfit is made from 100% cotton flannel in a festive red check and is available in sizes small to 2XL while supplies last.