Truffle Burrata Is Finally Back At Trader Joe's

Burrata is about as rich and decadent as cheese gets. In fact, burrata in Italian means "buttered," per Bon Appétit. The rich mozzarella-wrapped pocket filled with cream and cheese curds was first made near the town of Andria in Southern Italy during the 1920s, according to BBC Travel, with its creation credited to a regional artisan named Lorenzo Bianchino Chieppa.

BBC Travel notes that burrata was created with a modest aim in mind. It was intended to use all the items typically left over when cheese is made. Due to the complicated process for producing it, however, not to mention its creamy array of textures and flavors, burrata quickly built a reputation for being both expensive and indulgent. This indulgence factor has been used to great effect over the years, notably when burrata was added to wood-fired Neapolitan pizza.

But burrata itself has sometimes been given added flavors to ratchet its indulgence factor up another notch. Trader Joe's, for example, is famous for adding truffles to its burrata. But because the product is seasonal, it's not always available, per the Instagram feed for Trader Joe's List.

What makes Trader Joe's truffle burrata so special

The good news is that Trader Joe's Truffle Burrata is back and just in time for the holiday season. It should be noted that the grocery chain doesn't go all the way to Italy for its burrata. Instead, it sources it from a Wisconsin-based cheese artisan who stuffs the fresh mozzarella with creamy burrata cheese curds and adds a decadent dusting of black summer truffles.

The cheese and truffles work in concert to produce a symphony of textures and flavors. As the product description notes, the earthiness of the truffles is in artful contrast to the chewy mozzarella crust and creamy, cheese-y center. It's enjoyable as a standalone treat, of course, but Trader Joe's notes that it's also an excellent way to upgrade a wide variety of other food items, from pasta and pizzas to salads and side dishes.

Trader Joe's seasonal treat is now available at the stocking-stuffer-friendly price of $5.99.