Hershey's Is Ready For Winter With Its First-Ever Hot Chocolate Bombs

If there's any drink that screams "winter is coming!" louder than hot cocoa, we've yet to find it. The warm, comforting chocolate drink that's beloved by children and adults alike is the perfect antidote to a chilly gray day, whether you prefer a classic mix of milk, sugar, and cocoa powder, an adult variation spiked with bourbon or rum; or one whisked together from a packet of mix (no shame there).

If you're a hot chocolate superfan, then you've probably encountered hot chocolate bombs, which straddle the line between homemade and boxed hot cocoa in the most delicious way. These "bombs" are spheres of glossy tempered chocolate that are filled with hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, and other treats. When they're added to a mug of warm milk, the chocolate orb melts, revealing all the fun treasures inside (via Eater). A quick stir later, and you've got a delicious and exuberant mug of hot cocoa.

Chocolate bombs can be made at home using melted chocolate and silicone molds, but let's face it — among all the holiday cooking and baking, some of us will want a quicker, easier option. And that's where Hershey's new packaged hot chocolate bombs come in.

Hershey's hot chocolate bombs come in two sippable flavors

If you love hot chocolate bombs, you may have wondered why chocolate giant Hershey's hasn't marketed its own version of the trendy treat until now. In a case of "better late than never," the confectioner of beloved candies such as iconic milk chocolate bars and Kisses unveiled its new Hot Chocolate Bombs in a press release published today. The bombs, filled with cocoa and either mini marshmallows or cinnamon chips, should be just the ticket for sipping on while wrapping holiday gifts or tucked into a Christmas stocking, the press release states. The bombs are available nationwide during the holiday season and are as easy to find as the festively-wrapped milk chocolate bars and Grinch-themed Kisses.

"The holidays are a special time where we can take a moment to relish in the traditions and enjoy seasonal treats that make the season so cherished," Katie Behrman, associate brand manager, wrote in the release. "At Hershey, we know our products can help make these moments even sweeter."