The Decadent Ingredient Ina Garten Adds To Scrambled Eggs

Ina Garten consistently delivers some pretty solid no-fail cooking tips. So when we heard she has a unique addition to take scrambled eggs to the level of a trained French chef, we were all ears. Even Food Network agrees: Garten's scramble egg recipe is one of their favorites.

Loaded with important vitamins and nutrients, eggs are also packed with protein and linked to a variety of benefits for your heart, eyes, and overall health (per Healthline). While scrambled eggs, in particular, can be a simple and easy — if not perfect – dish to serve at any breakfast table, Garten's extra ingredient turns a basic morning item into something worthy of a Michelin-star restaurant. Whether you are wanting to impress a guest or treat yourself to a sumptuous morning start, Garten's easy addition adds a touch of luxury to morning meals. The best part? Her secret doesn't require much effort.

A luxurious morning dish

Estimating two to three eggs per person, Garten whips eggs, adds salt and pepper, and places the beaten mixture into a lightly-heated pan that has been lathered in melted butter. Cooking eggs on low heat keep the texture of the eggs tender, soft, and fluffy, advises Garten. Let the eggs warm up slowly and fold them over with a spatula. While it is tempting to turn the heat up, keep burners on low — and be patient. Soon, you will have a pan filled with eggs that have a custard-like consistency. 

Before the eggs are finished cooking, turn the heat off. The heated pan will continue to cook the eggs as you add in the finishing touch: cold truffle butter. Stir in one or two spoonfuls directly into the pan. A little goes a long way, reminds Epicurean Butter

Serve the enhanced eggs on top of brioche toast and sprinkle with chopped chives to add a bit of color. This presentation, Garten insists, will impress even the most skeptical mother-in-law.