The Boozy Way To Elevate Store-Bought Gravy

We understand you can't do it all. Sometimes, store-bought food is the best choice. Even Ina Garten admits to occasionally purchasing items for her events. Particularly large ones like Thanksgiving. You're the host, the choice is yours.

If you want to serve store-bought gravy alongside your turkey and mashed potatoes, go right ahead. No judgment here! In fact, we are going to help you do it. 

Often gravy is treated as one of those last-minute, throw-it-together type condiments, an afterthought, basically. But gravy doesn't have to be pushed to the side, like any old bottle of ketchup you throw on the table last minute. Gravy can be one of those dishes that comes out on a golden platter surrounded by a crown of Holly wreaths. In fact, some gravy recipes call for preparation a day in advance instead of quickly whipping it up with leftover drippings from your roasting pan. If that's what it takes to make a great gravy, no wonder you want to buy it. Isn't there some middle-ground? Something you can do to make your gravy a little more special, which is also simple. 

Yes, there is! Here's a little boozy way to spruce up your Thanksgiving sauce, which will have guests saying "it's all gravy."

Add a few tablespoons of your favorite alchohol.

Don't just dump that jar of gravy in a stockpot or warm it in the microwave, personalize it with just a few extra ingredients that you have on hand — or bought for the express purpose of making store-bought taste homemade. Don't worry, we won't tell!

For this tip, a little alcohol can go a long way. If you have a swallow of white wine left, pour the rest into your gravy, suggests All Recipes. White for poultry gravy and red for beef or pork. In fact, any type of alcohol will work, says Real Simple. Brandy, cognac, or sherry all work well in gravies. You will have to skip the microwave this time and reheat the gravy in a stockpot on low heat. While the gravy is slowly warming up, stir in a few tablespoons of your chosen wine or liquor, and let the gravy simmer until the alcohol evaporates, suggests Real Simple.

That it's! Done! Pour it in a cocktail glass or on top of turkey, it'll be delicious either way.