14 Best Vegan Restaurants Around The World

From New York City's famous Michelin Star restaurant going plant-based to Burger King's new vegan chains, there's no stopping this powerful wave of veganism. As the plant-based diet gains popularity worldwide, entrepreneurs have caught on and are capitalizing on this rapidly growing opportunity, and we are here for it. While one in 10 Americans claim they don't eat meat, per Cornell, plant-based restaurants are not exclusively for vegans and vegetarians. For foodies and travelers alike, we've gathered the best vegan restaurants around the world, which have been rated solely on the quality of flavor and experience. That's right, these vegan dishes were pinned against Foie Gras and caviar and came out on top.

Enjoy the tasteful atmospheres, intense aromas, and memorable cuisines of these international top picks. Elevate your senses as we journey around the world together to discover top-tier vegan dining from every corner of the planet. Who knows, there might just be a top-rated plant-based restaurant in your very own backyard.

Eleven Madison Park in New York, United States

Only a handful of restaurants in the United States hold a three Michelin Star status, but it comes as no shock that Eleven Madison Park makes the cut, as it was named "The World's Best Restaurant" in 2017, per The World's 50 Best. Known for its upscale American cuisine tasting menu by chef Daniel Humm, it's almost surprising that this fine-dining NYC experience hasn't always been plant-based. In 2021, the world-famous restaurant renovated its experience by stripping the menu of all meat, dairy, and eggs in an effort to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business. In addition, with each purchase guests contribute towards the restaurant's initiative to feed food-insecure New Yorkers.

Surrounded by art deco design, the types of food that Eleven Madison serves consist of contemporary and innovative features like cucumber with melon and smoked daikon, and fried pepper with Swiss chard. They even feature a rich blueberry dessert with elderflower and vanilla ice cream. This memorable dining experience goes unmatched, as it leaves its guests feeling satisfied and gratified.

Daigo in Tokyo, Japan

Daigo has been in owner-chef Yusuke Nomura's family for four generations, which comes as no surprise as the contemporary and diverse cuisine is rooted in tradition. Holding two Michelin Stars, this dining experience offers more than exquisite food. Tucked at the foot of Mount Atago, the serene atmosphere of the tea-house-style architecture offers a relaxing break from one of the world's most active cities. Not only do Nomura's ingredients change seasonally, but so do the decorated interior and aroma of incense. This full-body experience will tantalize all five senses simultaneously, and leave guests feeling complete.

While some dishes contain small amounts of eggs or dried bonito, the bulk of the menu is completely plant-based. It's preferred that guests who wish to have a fully vegan experience mention this while making their reservation.

While many dishes have been passed down through generations, they have evolved with each new owner and with the changing times, so it's safe to say you may have never tried these Japanese dishes. Described by The World's 50 Best as "Perhaps the best shojin ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) on the planet," an evening at Daigo is unreproducible.

Fu He Hui in Shanghai, China

Executive chef Tony Lu believes that veganism isn't just a type of eating, it's a way of life. He uses only the best local ingredients in his masterpieces and delivers a rotating menu that changes with the seasons. Exotic and rare fungi are featured items in many Fu He Hui dishes, although the diversity of ingredients is an overarching theme. Both land and types of sea vegetables are incorporated into each menu, and like many master chefs, Lu plays with a variety of textures. Vegans and meat lovers alike enjoy rounded and unique flavors, and although the servers and chefs don neutrals, they create and serve colorful and aesthetically beautiful dishes, sometimes mimicking the local landscape.

The World's 50 Best ranks Fu He Hui as number 12 for "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" and was selected as "The Best Restaurant In Mainland China" in 2022. It's no surprise that this plant-based fine-dining experience holds one Michelin Star.

While recreating recipes from the past, Lu continues his unique innovation by cultivating a truly new yet traditional experience for his patrons. Fu He Hui has no website or email address, so give them a call or stop by to enjoy this intimate dining experience.

KLE in Zurich, Switzerland

KLE stems from the German name "Sauerklee" which refers to an ancient plant, used throughout time. Local produce is used as a canvas to create delicate masterpieces that while individually unique, complement each other in tandem.

The Spanish-born chef, Zineb ("Zizi") Hattab, pulls from Moroccan and Mexican cuisine to create complementary flavors and textures. Along with holding one Michelin Star, KLE also holds one Michelin Green Star, which reflects exceptional sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Because KLE rejects animal products and works with local organic farmers, the quality of food fills a unique niche that anyone can enjoy. This spot ensures 100% cruelty-free dining, down to the extensive wine list (no, not all wine is vegan), and uses the world around as inspiration.

KLE calls itself a "neighborhood restaurant" and has a modern yet homey atmosphere. Enjoy desserts like violet, and orange blossom meringue, and entrees like Panna pistachio ravioli. Swing by on Saturday or Sunday to enjoy Zizi's full brunch menu.

Seven Swans in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

This one Michelin Star and one Michelin Green Star restaurant goes beyond using local produce for sustainability, most items from the 100% vegan menu are sourced from the restaurant's very own Seven Swans local organic farm. Permaculture is of the utmost importance, as all ingredients are regionally sourced, and produced ecologically and in harmony with nature. But that hasn't always been the name of the game. Chef Ricky Saward hasn't always been plant-based but has been moving in that direction for some time. He seems to have mastered it well, as he was named one of Germany's Best 100 Chefs in 2020.

Most of Saward's creations are unique and can be described as almost unusual. In fact, even the dining experience is quite unique, as the chefs themselves wait on guests. The architecture of the building is unlike any other, as it is the narrowest building in all of Frankfurt am Main, reaching seven stories high with floor-to-ceiling windows. It comes as no surprise that this one-of-a-kind experience is ranked as one of the best vegan restaurants around the world.

Joia in Milan, Italy

Unlike many modern famous plant-based restaurants, Joia has been plant-strong and fully vegetarian since its start in 1989 (it's currently 80% vegan). In fact, in 1996 it was the first vegetarian European restaurant to be awarded a Michelin Star and was recently awarded a Michelin Green Star. Chef Pietro Leemann's creations are developed through a series of experiments and exploration. Each dish is also rooted in kindness, as he omits the use of any meat, and limits animal products like dairy and eggs to less than 20% of his dishes. He believes in developing eco-friendly and sustainable menu items, from a place of compassion and well-being. Unlike the majority of restaurants in the world, Joia carries a focus on the health of its customers and uses very few refined ingredients, glutens, and sugars.

Tucked in Milan's historic district, the guest's journey at Joia goes beyond taste. This sensory experience includes impeccable music, atmosphere, and artistically formed dishes with an emphasis placed on the beauty of presentation. With nature at the forefront of Chef Leemann's inspiration, the aesthetics of each dish mimics the local flora and landscapes by season.

Cadence in New York, United States

When you picture soul food you might conjure images of barbecue pulled pork, mac and cheese, and lard-rich collard greens. Well, this Easy Village NYC restaurant Cadence, run by Overthrow Hospitality is known for its sustainable plant-based Southern eats, and creative cocktails. Just because the kitchen is vegan, soy free, and 100% organic doesn't mean it's lacking in flavor. Each bite is power packed with Southern foodways and traditions, featuring classics like fried okra, maple buttermilk cornbread, smoked grits, and their oyster mushroom spin-off of chicken and waffles. Esquire's Best New Restaurants in America ranked Cadence as number nine in its 2021 review, and recognized the fried lasagna as "the Most Transcendent Vegan Option of the Year."

It's no wonder the Virginia-born chef, Shenarri Freeman, was a 2022 James Beard Semifinalist for "Emerging Chef." After embracing veganism in 2017, Freeman enjoys putting a fully vegan spin on vegetarian southern classics from her childhood. Patrons are always impressed by the always-interesting array of innovative cocktails, and colorful atmosphere. This vegan soul food is unforgettable and unmatched.

Gauthier Soho in London, United Kingdom

Alexis Gauthier is a Michelin Star-awarded chef, whose restaurant has famously won a myriad of awards from receiving three AA Rosettes to winning the Time Out "Best Vegetarian" award in both 2000 and 2001. After going 100% plant-based in 2016, Gauthier Soho transformed his world-renowned restaurant into a vegan haven, although the Master Chef guest judge has always favored vegetables.

In the old Georgian townhouse in Soho, guests can expect a classic french formal dining experience, often enjoyed by a mature crowd. Sustainability is key when it comes to hand-selecting featured ingredients in each dish, but Gauthier makes no compromise in flavor. Classic French dishes are recreated using plants, which aims to satisfy the palates of the restaurant's patrons while protecting the environment around us. Sustainable gastronomies are at the forefront of this fine-dining vegan restaurant's mission, which draws both vegans and meat eaters alike to enjoy classic french food with a twist.

Crossroads Kitchen in California, United States

Unlike many of the aforementioned vegan restaurants, Crossroads Kitchen does not market itself as plant-based, yet 100% of the menu items are vegan. In fact, most guests hardly notice the exclusion of meat and dairy products during their dining experience.

Although the restaurant has three kitchens across the United States, the Los Angeles branch has won several awards, including one of the Most Influential SoCal Restaurants Of the Decade by Esquire, Best Fine-Dining Restaurant in 2022 by VegNews, and 2022 Best Vegan Restaurant winner by VegOut.

Owner and chef, Tal Ronnen entertains dishes like calamari fritti, scallopini parmesan, and campanelle without ever mentioning the word "vegan." Executive chef Scot Jones does not disappoint his omnivorous crowd, as plant-based versions of classics exceed expectations time and time again. If you're outside of the Los Angeles area, consider visiting the branches in nearby Calabasas or Las Vegas, or purchasing the Crossroads cookbook.

We even ranked Crossroads as the best vegan restaurant in America!

Vegan Beat in Athens, Greece

The number one Tripadvisor recommended stop for quick bites, and winner of a 2022 Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award in Athens just happens to be 100% vegan. Vegan Beet, a small street food restaurant, features a fusion of traditional Mediterranean cuisine with modern cross-cultural street foods. From sweet potato burgers to mushroom gyros, Vegan Beat incorporates plant-based sauces, spices, and local ingredients into every bite. The flagship side dish is a spiralized potato with beet sauce that has been deemed unforgettable by its patrons. It's no wonder Vegan Beat is a top-rated restaurant by Happy Cow users across the world.

Vegans and meat eaters alike enjoy the casual atmosphere, flavor-packed dishes, and reasonable prices. With top customer ratings across Google, Tripadvisor, and Happy Cow, it's no wonder both locals and tourists enjoy stopping by this beloved eatery. While this is no Michelin star, white tablecloths, or a fine-dining experience, it ranks at the top of its category and it is worth a visit based on its loyal fan base.

Plant Food + Wine in California, United States

Matthew Kenney, twice nominated as a Rising Star Chef in America by the James Beard Foundation, has created an experience worth trying at this Venice Plant Food + Wine location. Having already created the best vegan pizza in Los Angeles, Kenney continues to gain traction in all facets of dining. At PFW, the experience goes beyond nutrient-dense creations and perfectly paired wine. The atmosphere draws in elements from its natural surroundings and mimics the unique landscape. Enjoy homegrown delicacies under olive and fig trees as the California sun trickles through their leaves. Ultimately, the mission is to have guests enjoy nutritious and flavor-rich meals with friends and family in a peaceful and natural environment, and Plant Food + Wine has certainly achieved this goal.

Unique features like activated sourdough pasta, harissa cauliflower, and sunchokes highlight the local flora and blend of cultures. Enjoy classics with a vegan spin like tofu Benedict, hazelnut mochi waffles, and avocado toast with vegan ricotta for brunch. Each dish contains three important elements, "sourcing impeccable ingredients, applying innovative tools, and dreaming." For those who have had the pleasure of dining here, they can attest that this experience truly is dreamlike.

Emeralds in St. Lucia, United Kingdom

Chef and recipe designer, Allan Susser has been awarded the James Beard Foundation "Best Chefs in America 1994," was nominated for "Best Chefs in America" twice prior, and was a semifinalist for "Outstanding Chef" in 2008. His culinary talents are exceptional, and his St. Lucia vegan restaurant, Emeralds fits the bill. Located in the heart of upscale Anse Chastanet resort on St. Lucia, this vegan haven stands out for its local ingredients found in the tapas menu, creative culinary features, and beautiful atmosphere.

Listed by Forbes as "Where to go for the best plant-based dining experience" it's no surprise that Susser's vegan Creole creations are unmatched. Dishes like breadfruit gnocchi and cauliflower accras fuse local cuisine and ingredients with international favorites. Many ingredients are sourced locally from Emerald's on-site regenerative farm, which also grows cocoa trees.

This top-tier dining experience goes beyond relaxation and incredible food because guests are encouraged to participate in creole vegan cooking classes. The restaurant also provides a bean-to-bar experience when guests have the chance to harvest beans and create vegan chocolates themselves. Talk about farm-to-table!

The Caribe Vegan in Florida, United States

Why does food taste better when it's cooked in a truck? Comedy writer Melissa Guzman was awarded a grant from the James Beard Foundation Food and Beverage Investment Fund For Black and Indigenous Americans. Her vegan food The Caribe Vegan truck in Fort Lauderdale serves up joyful Southern soul food and Creole eats.

Guzman made a transition to veganism when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She was wheelchair-bound, and utterly hopeless until she decided to cut out meat, dairy, and eggs from her diet in an effort to reduce inflammation. She noticed a huge difference in just three weeks, as she stated in an interview with Edible South Florida. She had always watched her grandmother in the kitchen but decided to grab a pan and give it a try herself when her diet and lifestyle changed. As it turns out, she was a natural.

Today she incorporates cultural classics like mofongo, "crab" cakes with pikliz, and her famous tamarind chipotle sauce. Even her sushi specials are known for their Dominican flavor profiles.

Frea in Berlin, Germany

With one Michelin Green Star, Frea's main focus is sustainability. This doesn't mean that there is any less focus given to the quality of flavor, but it's clear to see that the sustainability promise is at the forefront of its mission. In 2019, Frea was honored by Berlin Partner as a trendy restaurant, which is apparent the moment you walk through the doors. The modern atmosphere dons a partially exposed kitchen that creates an integrative home-like dining experience.

Revered by both locals and tourists, the popularity of this 100% vegan restaurant continues to grow rapidly. Co-founders David and Jasmine Suchy are confident that their "full taste, zero waste" policy helps to benefit its patrons and the planet, and is the first fully vegan restaurant to produce zero waste meals, per Forbes. Even food scraps are added to the in-house compost and used in the gardens. As you can imagine, it wasn't hard to get this Michelin Green Star for Frea.

Health is also a concern, and David uses his nutrition degree to guide each element of the menu. Creativity, ambition, and atmosphere blend together to create a dynamic experience.