The Umami-Bomb Martini To Try If You're Not A Big Vodka Fan

There's a lot of reasons you may have developed a vodka aversion. Certain college memories may still haunt you or you just prefer other spirits, but there's a variety of reasons you may want to try vodka again. And, the reason may just be to savor a freshly mixed dirty martini.

Martini purists may convince you that gin is the only liquor that belongs in a martini, as a classic martini includes 2 ounces gin, ½ ounce dry vermouth, and a lemon twist for garnish. And, yes, gin is definitely a tried-and-true martini base. However, vodka's clean flavor provides a great blank slate for flavor creation that may be worth considering, especially for an upgraded dirty martini.

Sari Kamin, Public Programs Director at the Museum of Food and Drink in New York, has a signature dirty martini that may just change the way you prepare your own nightcaps. Her recipe calls for vodka, olive juice, and — wait for it — colatura, a fish sauce made from anchovies. And, there's a perfectly good explanation as to why this pairing works so well.

Anchovies may help you love vodka again

Sari Kamin deems this anchovy-infused martini to be her signature cocktail. According to Food & Wine, there's a lot of reasons this surprising combination may work so well together. While vodka's clean flavor naturally lends itself to be versatile and welcoming to all kinds of flavor combinations, this drink seems to work especially well. The outlet explains that this harmony is due to: "The umami from the salty fish, coupled with the fat, bonded perfectly with vodka's clean flavor." And, of course, the vermouth does its job in the drink as well by rounding out the final flavor profile.

While this drink may seem especially unique, celebrity chefs have done this before. During an episode of his Youtube show, "Quarantine Quitchen," Alton Brown created his own "longer-lasting" dirty martini brine to pair with vodka, which included olives, brine, water, salt, capers, a piece of anchovy, and some hot pepper.

Even if you've been a member of camp gin martini for all your drinking years, it may be worth stepping over to the vodka side to try out this elevated dirty cocktail.