Why You Should Try Adding Potato Chips To Your Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes make one of the most comforting dishes out there, and we know a bag of potato chips can pack the ability to perk up even the dullest afternoons. Now imagine combining these two creatures of comfort to make one unbeatable dish. It sounds strange, but trust us — and America's Test Kitchen, too — we are certain this is a dish worth trying. And when mashed potatoes clock in as one of America's Top 10 potato orders (per HuffPost), we know there are some serious spud-lovers out there.

Whether you make your mashed potatoes in an instant pot or cook them on the stove, adding one more ingredient can turn your next batch of potatoes into an unforgettable experience. No, this isn't some TikTok prank or an attack against your coveted family's traditional recipe. Instead, consider adding your favorite kind of potato chips to your next batch of mashed potatoes, and your holiday dinners will never be the same.

Get crunchy

While it might sound counterintuitive to encourage mashed potatoes to embrace their crunchier side, adding a bit of texture can not only impact presentation but also upgrade the most basic recipes. The trick is to smash the potato chips before stirring them into your cooked mashed mixture, instructs America's Test Kitchen. Then, enlist the help of a food processor or set about grinding the potato chips by hand — rolling pins work well, or you can carefully place the chips into a sealed bag and let out some of the day's frustrations.

If you're having guests over, consider setting out bowls of crushed potato chips "toppings," so each diner can choose their flavor enhancer: salt and vinegar, BBQ, or sour cream and onion. In fact, for all the lovers of this tuber out there, you can even have a potato theme night and serve chips with smoked salmon or caviar. The snacking options are endless — don't be afraid to experiment!