Shake Shack Is Offering Free Delivery Through The End Of 2022

If ever there was one fast food favorite to rule them all, it would have to be the burger, tons of variations of which are the main event at chains spanning from McDonald's to Wendy's to, of course, Burger King. And in a pinch, the hamburgers and cheeseburgers from these global chains can satisfy a craving. But when we really want to go to hamburger heaven, we're apt to choose a smaller-scale chain that truly prioritizes its ingredients, such as Shake Shack.

With humble origins as a Madison Square Park hot dog cart (via Grub Street), Shake Shack has gone on to become a powerhouse of a fast casual chain, offering burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, shakes, and ice cream (via the official website). Currently boasting over 360 locations worldwide, Shake Shack, of course, delivers — if you don't happen to be lucky enough to live within walking distance of a restaurant. And if you're a major Shack fan, you'll be pleased to know that the company just announced that through the end of the year, home delivery will be completely free.

The $0 delivery fee is a celebration of Shake Shack's successful partnership with Uber Direct

If you've been craving a ShackBurger, some crinkle cut fries, or a creamy frozen custard, this month and next are your chance to satisfy that craving — perhaps multiple times. As announced in a press release shared with Tasting Table, all delivery orders placed through the Shake Shack App through the end of the year won't incur a delivery charge.

Shake Shack explains in the press release that the deal is meant to celebrate the company's partnership with Uber Direct, the package delivery service that exclusively delivers Shake Shack orders. Since the two businesses teamed up last March, Shake Shack has seen a 70% increase in delivery orders placed through the app — a figure it makes sense the company would want to celebrate.

"We're thrilled to continue our partnership with Uber Direct for delivery on the Shack App and Web," Steph So, Head of Digital Experience at Shake Shack, wrote in the release. "We're offering the best value and best possible experience for guests to get their Shack however and whenever they want it. We will continue to invest in and prioritize our digital experience and reward our guests for coming directly to our channels to order."