What Is Your Favorite Type Of Pie?- Exclusive Survey

If you lined up all the pies U.S. consumers bought from grocery stores during a single year, it'd circle the entire planet and keep going, according to the American Pie Council (yes, it's real). In 2017, the National Grocers Association reported that U.S. pie fans purchased nearly 19 million ready-made pies on Thanksgiving Day alone, and that figure is only growing exponentially. Last year, of all the pies U.S. consumers downed on the holiday, an estimated 50 million of them were just pumpkin pies. That doesn't account for pecan, apple, cherry, or any other pie on Thanksgiving dinner tables nationwide.

The point is, folks love pie — and Thanksgiving is far from the only time to enjoy it. A sweet, tart strawberry pie belongs at any summer picnic. January 23 is National Pie Day. A survey conducted by the American Pie Council found that 35% of Americans have enjoyed a piece of pie for breakfast, which is the highest form of praise. 66% have eaten pie for lunch, and 59% said they're whipping out a slice as a midnight snack.

No matter what time of day you decide to enjoy pie, there is still endless debate about what flavor reigns supreme, so we asked 588 Tasting Table readers about their preferences to settle it once and for all. 

Apple pie takes the cake

Banana cream pie, anyone? Or, how about a slice of chess pie? Bringing up the rear on our list, 9.52% of voters said they're craving custard pie. Next up, blueberry pie garnered 9.86% of the vote. According to NatureWorld, blueberries are in season from late spring until early fall: Foodies with a summertime sweet tooth, take note. But, sour-meets-sweet is an iconic flavor combo, which might be part of the reason why 16.67% of voters said Key lime pie is their favorite. Thanksgiving fans, rise up: pumpkin pie drew 17.18% of the vote. Pecan pie wasn't far ahead with 17.52%.

Without further ado, the moment we've all been waiting for. We asked, and our readers answered. With more than a quarter of the vote, the most popular type of pie is apple. A whopping 29.25% of voters said they're reaching for apple pie first this holiday season — and in the springtime, and in the dog days of summer. It's a sweet yet savory bite foodies can't resist, and nearly 30% of pie fans are ready for a slice.